[#TFSERVICE] HowTo: Redeploy a release to a WebSite or CloudService specified in # Azure



have a couple of days I wrote a post where described as automate a deployment process using Team Build from TFS Preview for websites of Azure. This scenario is very cool, but of course, it can happen that given time we deploy this environment to a version that is not what we want to be online.

Well, in this case we can do is the following:

1. In the administration of AZURE portal we access our WebSite or Cloud Service

2 Access the “DEPLOYMENTS” section

3. In this section, we accede to the location by default where there are deployment (STAGING)

4. Then you will see a list with all deployments that have been made to this environment. If we want to redeploy a previous version, we must select the same.

5. Press the “REDEPLOY” button on the lower toolbar.


6 Done!

It is extremely simple and fairly straightforward to take into account Open-mouthed smile

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

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