[#TFSERVICE] HowTo: Enable an Microsoft Account to test TFS on the Cloud for free



today touch reply a topic that came out in the webcast with the guys at SecondNug on Team Foundation Service . In this case, how to create one account to test the services of Team Foundation Service free of charge.

Let’s step by step.

1. To access the service you need a Microsoft Account (Live Id of all life). In this case I will use the account [almbookdorikr@hotmail.com].

2. Navigate to http://www.tfspreview.com


3 Above and to the right we have a link that will change us the “SIGN IN” life. This of course, assuming that we have not the LiveId session Microsoft Account in automatic mode.

4. Once inside, we will see that it gives us the possibility of creating a free utlilizando account the “Create a free account now” link


5. Must then define the URI with which you can access our service of TFS. In my case https://almbookdorikr.tfspreview.com .


6. Click “Create Account” and hope a few seconds.

7. In a short time we have created ourselves and now we can create a Team Project, access to tutorials, etc.


8 Done!

Saludos @ La Finca

El Bruno

image image image

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