[#VS11] Microsoft Feedback Client (II)



in the post yesterday I presented the 2 ways in which Microsoft Feedback Client can launch

  • voluntary feedback mode
  • requested mode

From the second stage today we will see capabilities gives us this tool. Once launched the tool, we can see that the same presents us with 3 phases of work in sequential order:

  • Start
  • Provide
  • Submit


In the first of her we will have a number of indications about the proof that we have to do and the points which we are asked to take into account.

In my case, when you try to launch the calculator application from the route [c:\windows\calc.exe] I see that it does not exist (is in another site, for testing this comes great!). So we come to the stage of complete (PROVIDE) feedback and here we can see we have several options to attach a file, make a recording and detailing any aspect, etc.


Review the validation options, in my case I have commented that the route was wrong, and that the correct path is perhaps [c:\Windows\System32\calc.exe] and I’ve added a screenshot of the error.


And when we have finished giving our feedback as we move to the final step [SUBMIT] to send the information.


Now the information is already in our server TFS (in this case in the cloud!) and in the next post we see as process this information to incorporate into our development lifecycle.


Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image

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