[# KINECTSDK] Kinect Missile Launcher (I): identifying the HID device



in the past 2 Weeks ago we’re playing with the Valentino to the Kinect Star Wars and I have to admit that my dwarf plays much better than me. Today while we were ordering a bit my toys, find my USB missile launchers and of course, the Valentino asked me that we reviewed.

Once I had installed the software is what di the Valentino and of course when I had to come and use the keyboard and the mouse was a bit of stick.


After months of playing with an iPad, a tablet with Windows 8 and with the Kinect, this keyboard and the mouse doesn’t like anything.

So as a good father that I am, I put hands to work in order to control the Lance missiles with the Kinect.

Item so I faced with considerable optimism, because a couple of years ago he had already created an extension to Team Build that threw a missile when a build failed, the programmer who "broke the build".

Before I had a question in mind that perhaps pulled me the project below:

Will have Windows 8 changed the way of detecting HID devices?

Luckily, no. This is important because usually these devices have no SDK, or anything like. Windows recognizes likewise that recognizes a keyboard or a mouse, and there should be a little reverse engineering in order to understand how the same.

A detail, if I’ve been able to understand is because it is not so complicated. So always try to explain, making an analogy with 2 buffers of data, one entrance and one exit for the USB port. Everytime we want a device to perform a specific action, we have to know the set of bytes that we need to "send". In the same way, we must learn to interpret the input data to "read" the information you send us the device.

Before starting to "read" and "send" information to the USB device, we must identify the same. This Windows makes it a simple way, and we as developers have 2 options

1 Spend 4 days playing Windows registry information

2 Use a tool like HID Device Info to know the details of our HID device

This tool can be downloaded from HID Page, an excellent site with much information to work with HID from.NET. The following image shows the data of devices that I have connected to my PC.


In the case of the Rocket Baby, the data that we should point out are:

  • Vendor Name
  • Product Name
  • VID
  • PID
  • Revision

This is important because then the class.NET that we use to interact with the device uses these data to identify it.

As well, I keep the sample code integrated with the Kinect for the next post and I’m going to control other things more with the Kinect Guiño


Saludos @ Home

El Bruno

image image image


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