[# WINDOWS8] HowTo: Enable.NET Framework 3.5 and other features by command without internet connection line



When I was still working with Windows 8 Developer Preview, I wrote the following post:

[# WINDOWS8] HowTo: Prevent the message to enable.NET Framework 3.5 when you run a unit test in Visual Studio 2010

In the same describe an option to enable the installation of.NET 3.5 and that not "bother" when we ejecutábamos unit testing.

Today with the brand new Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed, I find that this option does not work as it should be that for some reason I do not understand, do not recognize me the output to the internet for Windows Update.

But no problem, diving a little on the internet I see in this post how to solve my problem.

1. Create a local folder called for example "E:\net35"

2. From the installation disk for Windows 8, copy the entire contents of the directory "$ \sources\sxs\"

3 Open a command prompt with administrator permissions

4 Launch the following command "Dism.exe/online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 all /Source:e: \net35 /LimitAccess"


5 Done!

If we want to enable any of the other features of Windows 8, and we want to avoid accessing the window features, then this may be the solution.

Greetings @ Home

El Bruno

image21 image22 image23

Fuente: http://techdows.com/2011/09/enable-net-framework-3-5-1-on-windows-8-developer-preview-to-run-applications.html


4 thoughts on “[# WINDOWS8] HowTo: Enable.NET Framework 3.5 and other features by command without internet connection line

  1. I want Snap Metro apps in my screen, but my resolution is 1280×800. How can i force it? Thanks! Sorry my bad englis
    Greetings from Argentina!


    1. Julian buenas
      esa resolución debería ser suficiente para poder utilizar las aplicaciones en modo metro. ¿Qué es exactamente lo que quieres hacer?


  2. Hey Seems you are using the Windows 8 CP … Is it 32 bit ? the same process I used in my 64 bit machine but doesnot work ….. What to do ? I am really in need of the DNF 3.5 for my so many apps to use


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