[# KINECT] MocKinect



This is what I call a good idea, but with less future than anyone to compete with Facebook > MocKinect(http://mockinect.codeplex.com/ ))

To see, at first glance it seems that is a series of libraries for "mockear" the assemblies of the Kinect SDK for Windows but no, this idea a step further and allows you to what

Fully EMULATE the result processed A SENSOR KINECT For testing without the same .

Put another way, the idea is that "you grabes a sequence" front of the sensor and then make your tests using this recording. As an idea it is very good, it is true that when you work with Kinect is really boring, this will have to get up every 15 minutes to test whether something works. In my case I have it the Valentino which serves me "test dummy" but is not as good as tester. I better keep that I’m going by the branches. This is the idea, replace the movements that are made to the sensor, without having to stand.

What happens is the following > > kinect database is based on the small offset or default with which we have to work. For example, if we are working with the idea of creating a detector of gestures, we can record a SWIPE LEFT and start creating a routine that detects the gesture swipe left. The problem is that the recording of these gestures is based on the position of the points of the skeleton and of course, the displacement of the points of my skeleton in my right arm to the Valentino which measures half that I is not the same.

In short, if you want to actually simulate an output of a skeleton or something similar, MocKinect can give us very helpful;But if I want to work in models more complex, as for example in the recognition of gestures for much not me does.

Also you made a follow to see how it evolves the project, because it promises much.

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno

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