[# WINDOWS8] Participate in a global competition to be one of the first apps on the new Store Windows


the classic quickie on Friday so you put the batteries with the development of Windows 8 and you can win a Tablet as which have given them to attendees to BUILD. For this "only" you must create an application for Windows 8 and follow the steps that are discussed in https://buildwindowscontest.com/. If you’re one of the lucky ones you can win a Tablet much better than this photo


But see, that the thing will not be easy, on the one hand only is about a month to create the application and on the other hand, you will have the opportunity that the following trio of cracks can see your app:

  • Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management, Windows User Experience
  • Antoine Leblond, Senior Vice President, Windows Web Services
  • Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Visual Studio

Finally, the awards are those that matter to us

  • A Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC from the BUILD conference, so you can test your apps with touch sensors and
  • One year of Windows Azure, so you can build apps that feel connected and alive
  • A two-year subscription to the Store, so you can continue to update and improve your app

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno

Source: https://buildwindowscontest.com/


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