[# WINDOWS8] Installing Windows Phone developer tools in Windows 8



I am a person who lives on the boundary, I try to make each minute intense by doubts that is the last (there already is more than one to take care of this); and this is when SAC a usb drive do so directly by pulling the cable, and use Windows 8 as my OS from day to day work.

Some people when they are going to give an assessment of a product, are downloaded a beta, her tested 5 minutes and begin to think about it. In the case of Windows 8 I’ve decided to use OS over the past months and the truth is that I am quite happy.

More than of details that not me works the VPN of Avanade, that install Team Foundation Server 2010 is a hell;. Windows 8 is going very well. But a few days ago I found that the development for Windows Phone tools do not work in Windows 8.

So after asking to Joshua and the MSDN forums, I came to the post of the great Jorge Serrano, where commented how to install them on Windows Server 2008. I followed your steps taking into account that Windows 8 Developer Preview is presented if same as a server (chan!) because I had a very satisfactory result. On the one hand I could install development tools, and even activate my license from my Windows Phone development.


But then with the emulator I wasn’t so lucky. First from Visual Studio 2010 is not possible to launch it:


and if for some reason you think make the intelligent choice change compatibility mode so that you run in mode Windows 7


because you are one of the smiles that I hope that it is he not famous in the near future


But well, the great solution is to move from the emulator and work directly with the device…


And at this point we return to the point 1.

Those who live life to the limit

  • We took the pen drives insecure way by pulling on the cable
  • We use Windows 8 as our OS for every day
  • not use Al emulator for the tests with Windows Phone, deploy and test directly in el device. Risa

Greetings @ Here

The Bruno




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