[MRDS] Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta is here and… # Kinect is also here too!



as Luis has already written something Team Foundation 11 today , and Rodrigo has made promotion of an ALM event; today I pass tools and management and we took side geek which today comes with everything.

On the one hand the Beta of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4, which in this case is interesting novelty as it is the first version that comes integrated with sl SDK about Kinect. Now, as the software is not all also needed a few beers this release coincides with a dedicated especially to work with Kinect hardware: Eddie.

So to the naked eye, is one of the robots more ugly I’ve seen over the past 35 years, but when you see the features that have, start you to get affection: compaible with Microsoft Robotics uses Kinect to see 3D, 100% wireless, sensors in proximity… will that if they put a laser or a ray of death, we are already happier than a manco monkey.

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The Bruno


Source: http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/kinect/Microsoft-Robotics-Developer-Studio-4-Beta-Gets-Kinected

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