[# VS11] The new Team Explorer (I)



one of the most important changes that have been introduced in Visual Studio 11, is a total redesign of Team Explorer.

The first thing we see when we activate this panel in the IDE is that we have no more the tree of elements, but it is a quite different style.


When we connect to a Team Proect, we can see the elements of the same: WorkItems, Source Control and Builds (I am in Basic mode, which is why I do not see the other elements)


If we accede to Team Project settings, we can see how the Right Click, has been replaced by a menu with the same functionality.


And as always, above you have the option to navigate forward and backward to what would become “root” of our Team Project Collection.

If we accede to the WorkItems option, we will see the tree of WorkItems that we already know Visual Studio 2010.


In the case of option Builds, we will see a new Division that can ooptar to see:

  • My Builds
  • Favorite Builds
  • All Builds

The latter included filter,


The new Team Explorer has many more options and many changes incorporated within it. In coming posts I promise more details.


Greetings @ Here

The Bruno



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