[# TFS2010] An excellent example of # KANBAN with Team Foundation



recently Adam Gilmore (@ adamgilmore) gave a presentation on the TechDays where she spoke a little about how to implement a working model of Kanban based on Team Foundation Server. The interesting thing about your proposal is that in addition to the ABC’s of Kanban, showed an implementation of a template of processes for Team Foundation Server 2010 to work with a model Kanban.

This template can be downloaded from CodePlex from here, and has several interesting things to say:

  • The definition of States of WIT User Story has been modified to give a Kanban workflow support.
  • It has created an ASP application.NET to show a graphic Board of States
  • It has implemented a system of reports in an Excel sheet

The following image shows the implementation of the Board, which is quite interesting as well as being open to modifications and improvements


Finally, if you want to see the 90-minute talk, the same you can see complete fromhttp://channel9.msdn.com/Events/TechDays/TechDays-2011-Belgium/TD035


Greetings @ Home

The Bruno


Download: http://techdayskanban.codeplex.com/


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