[#TEAMBUILD2010] NuGetter and TfsVersionning, 2 extensions you should know for #TFS2010



later than Friday to promote 2 excellent extensions to Team Build 2010 published these days in CodePlexNuGetter andTfsVersioning.

The first, NuGetter is an extension for a process of Team Build 2010 to generate packages that can then be distributed with NuGet. This is something that was coming at some point, and thanks to marknic we have it available. You are are some of its features:

  • It allows to work with one or more solutions and one or more configurations
  • The administration of the assembled versions is performed independently (with TfsVersioning))
  • It allows you to create a package and publish it in a repository of NuGet
  • Allows to work in a test environment “push/deploy” utiilzando
  • NuGet repositories, can be a local directory, web site or network share
  • And much more

It can be downloaded from http://nugetter.codeplex.com.

On the other hand we have to TfsVersioning, also by the same author that gives us a new solution to the eternal problem of versioning the Assembly and the compilations of Team Foundation. From what I’ve seen, is one of the most complete, while “only modifies AssemblyInfo files”, it has solved many aspects such as integration with the SC, how to work with a single seed for assembling, etc.

Also performs a very interesting thing is to define an Assembly additional attributes such as Company, Copyright, etc.

It can be downloaded from http://tfsversioning.codeplex.com.


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The Bruno





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