[#TFS2010] HowTo: Add a State in the definition of a WorkItem (II)



  1. HowTo: Add a State in the definition of a WorkItem (I)



today with the already installed software to begin modifying the definition of a WorkItem. For this trabajeremos on a Team Project of test called [AgileBlog]. The following steps demonstrate how to modify a WorkItem definició


1 Open Visual Studio 2010 and access the menu [Tools / / Process Editor / / WorkItem Types / / Open WIT from Server]

2. Select the corresponding TP and within the same select WIT Task.

3. At this point we will see the form of editing for the definition of an WI in Visual Studio 2010. The WorkFlow tab shows the current process with the States through which passes the WorkItem. As we see it, the first State is the ACTIVE.


4 Activate the ToolBox of Visual Studio 2010 and in it we see that we have elements of type status and Transition to work on the definition of the WorkFlow.


5 Added a new State and changed the name of a [Proposed].


6 Add transitions to change state of [Proposed] to [Active] and [activate] [Proposed], but no great change in [Closed] a [Proposed]


7. As the first transition is associated to [Active] and I assume that you’ve already tried with the mouse giving [Proposed], we’ll change it to make the first State [Proposed]. To do this select the transition, deploy the contextual menu and select the option [Open Details]. Then, in the form of editing, select [Proposed] as the State target of the transition.


8. At this point, the States and transitions should be similar to the following image.


9. If we accept the scheme we have defined, deploying the conextual menu and selected the option to [Validate All], we will see that the definition is correct, we should add at least one reason (Reason) State in our workflow changes.


10 Edit the transíción [Proposed > > Active], select [Reasons] tab and edit the Reasons that there is a reason by default called [Accepted]


11. In the transition [Active > > Proposed] add 2 possible reasons: [Rejected] and [More Information is Required] as shown in the following image.


12. If we expand the graph to see details of the transitions, we can see the changes we have applied to the task.


13 We keep the definition of the WorkItem. This change applies on the TFS server, so it may take a while. Select the Team Project in Team Explorer pane and chill the contents thereof. If we create a new Task, you will see that the initial state is [Proposed] and that the Reason [New]


14. Once created the Task, we see that it is possible to change the status to [Active] and that the proposed Reason is [Accepted]


15. Finally we see that if we change the State of [activate] [Proposed] proposed Reason are those defined in the previous steps.



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