[TEAMBUILD] HowTo: Create a build report with excel (I)



a few days ago, on MSDN at Spanish forums, Angel asked about how to create a report with information about the detail of the Builds processing Team Foundation Server 2010. I commented that one option was to create a report in Excel from data of the cube for Team Foundation Server and that the following steps demonstrate how to create this report.


1. Open Excel (obvious no?)

2 Access to the [Data] Ribbon and the option [From Analysis Services]

3 Enter the data of the cube of Tem Foundation Server connection.

4. In the panel of PivotTable Select [Build Details]

5 Select

Build Details Count

Build Details Duration

6 Select

Build / / Build Definition Name

Build Status / / Build Status

7. The options should be similar to the following image


8 And the report is in the following way, where we can see the duration of each Build and the State of the same


9 By adding a couple of dates for the report, we can see, for example the result of the implementation of the builds for the dates of March 2010.


In the next post, more information Open-mouthed smile

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