[ALM] Always ask “Why” like a child



a few years ago in my neighborhood we did the following experiment:

We got into a room of 4 meters by 4 meters to 4 people, with 3 conditions:

  • should be barefooted all the time
  • could not speak between if
  • each wore a rubber stick

In the fourth, had a ladder of 2 meters high that allowed approaching a very large and eye-catching red button. When all were inside, one of the test persons (so called “subject to“) were encouraged to climb the stairs and touch the red button with the stick of gum; What this person did not know is that when they played the red button, the floor of the fourth gave an electric shock that frightened even the bravest. Therefore, when this person, he came down from the ladder with the satisfaction of having played the button with the stick, his teammates were making gestures to explain to him that “playing the damn button” was not a good idea.

I don’t know if once you’ve tried it, but explain the concept of “electric shock” with gestures is not very simple to say. It is for this reason that the person who had played the button did not understand very well what he wanted to tell his teammates, and decided to go back to the button. This is predictable: fellow molieron it to sticks rather than put a foot in the second step.

So, subject to found completely sore on the floor of the room not understand very well that it had passed. At that time, it was decided to change to one of the people involved in the experiment by another foreign person who had not seen anything of this. When this new participant (“subject B”) entered with the rubber stick in hand, the first thing that did was pay tribute to his fellow and wait to see it passed. After a while of watching eager that bright red button at the end of the ladder, he then decided to upload. The subject (b) did not know is that he was about to suffer one of the beating of his life in charge of the other members of the group, including A subject, that did not understand very well why but had grasped the idea: “to which touches the button then grind it to shovels“.

After a time, they were to change the team participants and eventually which had not been any of the original participants. But one thing they learned all the new members: “to which attempts to climb the ladder must be give sticks in the back until you learn”.

After explaining to the police and social workers that it was just an experiment, we could see as often own inertia of a team does the same work in a certain way. Without knowing the reason for this way of working, or whether it is the best way to do it.

Something similar happens in development projects. Many times I’ve met scenarios where to arrive and see a certain way of working, my question is: “why you do this in this way?“. And the answer is: “when I arrived I was so” or “Dave told me“.Several ways to download the responsibility in an external entity, instead of asking whether there is a better way or why a situation.

I was lucky enough to work on many different projects, each of them with different ways of doing things; and I’ve always had a soul of children where I question everything we do from a viewpoint that I try to understand and then propose to improve.

I also serves people to question everything, because the only question; but that never provide a creative solution to the matter. Much less those who think that there is no single correct answer to each question.

If for example, a project where the problem is the management that is being given to the project. But at the moment to ask: “have assessed it change the way to work?” or “Ihave thought to implement a solution as a Team Foundation Server?“;the answer is: “is that we don’t have time right now, because I see that it is a project that knows that things are bad, but nobody dares to break a dynamics of work which, although it is known by all, has many problems.

So… ask, animate animate to think different, and obviously ask yourself 20 times if you can do something different and better Open-mouthed smile

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno


PS: As I see it I can not finish the project management book because I it is costing horrors close it, because I’ll be posting these sections to give me a happy time.

PD2: I am sure that this experiment so I read somewhere, someone is encouraged to throw a bit of information in this regard? Thanks Open-mouthed smile

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