[NEWS] MASTER RIAtec 2nd Edition (the 2nd parties improve the saga)


It seems that she was yesterday when Braulio told me his idea for the creation of a master’s degree 100% dedicated to Microsoft technologies, because look at several months after already going for the Second Edition and this time, with the lessons of the surprises will be much better. To continue the tradition of the previous Master, and updated to 2011 / 2012 the technologies and products that will be in the Master go from Silverlight 4 (or 5), HTML 5, a bit of Visual Studio for Architects, obviously something Visual Studio 2010 ALM, PRISM, Testing, etc.; and this time have been added in the IDEs section a few points that attract attention (all the details athttp://riatec.lcc.uma.es/tecnologias.html)).

We are that this gives to write fairly, but the complete syllabus you can see inhttp://riatec.lcc.uma.es/Files/TemarioMasterRIAtec.pdf and obviomente informationhttp://riatec.lcc.uma.es/index.htmlmaster.

Ahh and I almost forgot, the Faculty is 50% of the University and the other 50% are MVPs, MCTs, and which supports (not put names because surely I forget anyone).

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno


Reference; http://riatec.LCC.UMA.es/index.html

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