[TFS2010] HowTo: Convert a Branch to a Folder



today I passed one of those weird things, because someone asked me as I could go back to convert a folder to a Branch working with Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010. To make it clear let’s state that we assume:

-We have created a directory in our Source Control, for example in [$/ AgileLabs/Blog/TestBranchToFolder]

-The same select, deploy the contextual menu and become selected branch option [Branching and Merging / / Convert To Branch]

-At the moment our folder already is different and can be treated as a Branch



Now, after thinking about it a good time, we realize that this folder [TestBranchToFolder] should not be a Branch, but that should be a common and wild folder. Because the natural choice or instinct leads us to select the same, display the contextual menu and…




We see that there is no Rollback! that this option cannot be undone Here perhaps one in Redmond you are whistling ears, that these actions without the possibility of back are uncommon in Visual Studio + Team Foundation, but when they appear, give us a headache of the ugly. However, if there is the possibility of converting a Branch to a Folder, which is only a little hidden.

To do this, select the folder and from the menu of Visual Studio 2010 , select the option [File / / Source Control / / Branching and Merging / / Convert To Folder]


This will back the initial change and will mark the folder as a Folder




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