[CODEPLEX] Build Customization Guide



Visual studio alm rangers team has released a new package of documentation + evidence + Hand On Labs, etc.; in this case involving the customization of builds for Team Foundation Server 2010.

While TFS2010 and Team Build 2010 comes with a series of templates for the creation of builds associated with actions of compilation and execution of unit testing; usually in almost all deployments and Team Foundation Server 2010customizations must be done modifications on these templates and this is an important associated job.

This work is important on the one hand, because it is based on a technology that is supposedly quite friendly as it is Workflow Foundation later is a bit hellish edigar and keep, but on the other hand there are a number of good practices and recommendations based on the experience of working with these technologies, which are not written anywhere.

The 2nd point is who tries to attack the build customization Guide, and after giving a look at the content from the internal initial versions, even this first public release seems to me an excellent starting point for “meet the Team Build Environment” and the experiences related to the same.

Before I forget, I want to comment that this guide has not been created only by the Microsoft product team, but they have also participated MVPs, experts in different areas, etc.; We are going is a sum of experiences that we hope to reach fruition.


Greetings @ Seattle

The Bruno



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