[TFS2010] HowTo: Limit the size of a Team Project Collection



recently asked me on twitter @ elbruno if it was possible to limit size in GB for a Team Project Collection in Team Foundation Server 2010. This is not really possible from Team Foundation, but as a TPC corresponds to a DB in SQL Server, then something can do in this regard.

For example, if you look at the list of TPCs available in a Team Foundation Server 2010server, we can see something similar to the following in the Team Foundation Server Management Console.


We see that there are 2 Active Team Project Collections: TPB and TPC, these correspond to 2 databases on your SQL Server where are stored the same. To view this information, simply select a Team Project Collection and select the option [edit settings]]


If access to the SQL Server and see the properties of the database, we will see that by default in the [Files] section, the definition of [Autogrowth] is defined by 10% without restrictions.


Well, if we change this property, we see that we can define a maximum size for the database, so we will be restricting the size of the Team Project Collection.


But a couple of points to consider

  • TFS2010 does not know these limitations. When the TPC collapse by size of the database, because we will have a couple of more than interesting errors
  • Ideally, set up a system of alarms in SQL Server that let know us that a DB is yet to come to a certain size and from the same take corresponding action

I leave the tip, so use with care.

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno


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