[TFS2010] HowTo: Recover a BackUp for Team Foundation



After seeing how to create a BackUp plan, such as launching a BackUp manually; comes time to retrieve data based on a BackUp. The following steps show how to perform this action.


1 Launch the Team Foundation Server 2010management console.

2 Select [Restore Databases]. This will launch the Restore Wizard.

3. At this point we will see the form of selection of backup. With the option [List Backups] we can see different backups have been created using the Team Foundation Server console.


4. After selecting the BackUp you want to restore, click on next and we can see that database restore on the database server. In this case, we see how you restore the databases for Team Foundation, the SQL Server Reporting Services databases and also the databases for Sharepoint.


5. The next step verifies the State of the database to see if it is possible to restore the BackUp. Initially, we see how the wizard reported us that the databases already exist in the server’s data, so we should remove them before proceeding with the restoration.


6 If we manually remove the databases that the wizard suggests and launched the review process, we will see that we can now restore the databases.


7 We have launched the process of restoration.


8 And a few minutes we have the entire process.


9. Finally suggest us clean caches and other repositories intermediate to ensure the integrity of the data.



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