[TFS2010] HowTo: Export feedback generated with SketchFlow to an element of Team foundation



If you commented that expression blend is an excellent product not tell you anything new. If you also like the look and colors of WPF or Silverlight, secure pos them know very well. Now if you above take the work make your prototypes with Sketchflow, as it is to dream it. Because in addition to being an excellent prototyping tool, it is very simple to use and the ability to export and share the prototypes is very good = > just Xcopy.

However, an interesting detail with the prototypes is that it is possible to export the feedback of the same and then convert them into material of Team Foundation Server 2010, to work with them in an organized way. The following tutorial shows how to do this in a couple of steps.


1. Let us suppose that we start with base with the following prototype for the application of.


2 It will add a bit of feedback


3. Since the panel [MY FEEDBACK] we export it to an external file. By default it creates a file with the extension .feedback


4. From back in expression blend, we activate the panel [Sketchflow Feedback] and from the same import file of feedback generated in the previous step.


5. Once imported the Feedback, we can generate a WorkItem based on complete information feedback or each of the comments related to it.


6. If for example we create a new task, we’ll see how complete the fields of the same, with the Feedback information.


7. Also add as an attach Visual modifications that have been added to the feedback.


8. Another interesting detail: the feedback files are associated with the Sketchflow project and are stored in the source code repository. From here and we can work with them as an element of SC more.




Greetings @ Alicante

The Bruno


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