[TFS2010] Some improvements using Team foundation, and Project 2010



as many already know not I’m very fan of Microsoft Project, but in these days when I was reviewing all of the content of the chapter of management of the work with Team Foundation Server 2010 of my future librako, because I found a couple of views of the Project the truth are very interesting.

For example, from the classic view Gantt charts from a stage with a number of tasks for example:



We can change the allocation of tasks for each of the members of the team and also the desasignadas tasks view “Team Planner”, which can v er:



Playing with the Drag & Drop, we can assign tasks to a member of the team and very simple way, in addition, make sure that we are not overlapping tasks, or overloading of work a person (I know that this is relative in the daily life of a project, but I liked the ease of this view for the Organization).



If I change the view of planning by resource (excellent term to speak of people), we can already see as in this case, the poor April is overloaded work for the day Friday with 14 planned hours of work. This requires a replanning or an effort in April to pull out a project that may be a brown.



But well, just hitting the rigid schedules, we go with another view which is really interesting: [Task Usage] in calendar mode. In it we see a similar to the Outlook calendar and in it we can see how they distributed the tasks and the State of the same.



Finally, if we bring the TimeLine and add different elements to it, we can see at a glance once more certain elements of the project, to share them with other users by e-mail, in a pptx, etc.



I still think that Microsoft Project is an excellent tool and now that her I can use to display information that is generated in Team Foundation, then better still much better.


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The Bruno


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