[TFS2010] Test Case Attachment Clean Up Tool



I said the tip of a very interesting tool to control the size of our database of Team Foundation Server 2010 when they grow too due to the amount of data from tests that are saved in our manual or automated tests.

The tool in question can be downloaded from the Visual studio gallery, fromhttp://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/3d37ce86-05f1-4165-957c-26aaa5ea1010/ and delete different attachments that are stored in the database. For example, if you have test processes that add historical with IntelliTrace debug information, because these files tend to be quite large depending on how long that is the trace to save. The same applies to files of context, of results of unit testing information, videos, etc. Are we that he keeps everything in the attachments in the database for Team Foundation Server 2010.

The detail of how the tool can be found in this post, and seen, I have already sent 3 emails to potential users that can serve them.


Greetings @ Here

The Bruno


Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/girishp/archive/2011/05/31/tfs-2010-test-case-attachment-cleanup-tool.aspx

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