[TFS2010] HowTo: Create a BackUp of the elements of a Team Foundation server plan



make a BackUp of the elements of a Team Foundation Server is a task that does not have many problems. Everything on the server is located in the SQL Server database, so if the BackUp of the same, is properly configured because many more problems there. However, as we also have information in other repositories, as for example SharePoint, therefore the concept of BackUp Gets a little more. Fortunately, with the launch of the tfs power tools in March of 2011, a feature has been incorporated more than it helps us to define a BackUp and run the same.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to create a BackUp plan to a Team Foundation Server 2010server.


1. Open the Team Foundation Server administrative console and select the [team foundation backup]


2 In the same select [create backup Plan]. This option launches the wizard for the definition of a BackUp plan.

3. In the first step is defining a network path to store the result of the BackUp process. In addition to options as a retention policy and extensions to save.


4. The following defines the extra content, in addition to the TFS that will be stored in the BackUp. The options are databases for Reporting Services and SharePoint databases.


5. The next step is to define the user account that will run the BackUp process.


6. If we have access to an SMTP server, we can set an alert by email for the execution of each BackUp. A while ago I wrotea post about how to do this using a GMAIL account.


7. The next step is setting the agenda for the implementation of the Backup, with the basic options for this action.


8. There is a verification of the data of the BackUp plan.


9 And ready, we can create our content of TFS BackUp plan.


10 Starting at this time, we can already launch a BackUp manually, check the status of the processes of BackUp or restore the contents from a Backup previously done.


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