[VS2010] FIX: Improvements in the editor of WF ( improvement?)



some time ago I published in a post, an unofficial trick to disable validations in time of ejcución in the Workflow Foundation editor of Visual Studio 2010. It did so because at the time of edit definitions of Builds in Team Build 2010, because the IDE of Visual Studio 2010 was going for a ride by Narnia and was impossible to work with it.

After playing many eggs continue asking for solutions to the product team, because there seems to be a fix there which helps to further improve the performance of the editor, it can be downloaded from >http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2484841.

A couple of details related to the HotFix:

  • The editor remains the same slow, so a # FAIL at this point
  • It is likely that Visual Studio 2010 will hang a couple of times before you start to work properly. You should try uninstalling and installing the HotFix again to see if it works better.

In the meantime, I will continue asked TFS product team to disturb the VS that in turn they bother to the WF to see if there is a decent solution there Open-mouthed smile

Greetings @ Home

The Bruno


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