XBox and .Net Framework

News relacionadas con el .Net Framework. En este caso, desde Microsoft Press Pass, donde nos cuentan que XNA Framework contiene una implementación de .Net Framework, para que los desarrolladores puedan aprovechar las ventajas de C# para el desarrollo de juegos.


XNA Framework Simplifies Cross-Platform Game Development


The XNA Framework contains a custom implementation of the Microsoft® .NET Framework and new game-development-specific libraries designed to help game developers more easily create cross-platform games on Windows® and Xbox 360 using the highly productive C# programming language. Using the XNA Framework, game developers will benefit from the ability to re-use code and game assets in developing multiplatform titles, without sacrificing performance or flexibility.


"We’ve been writing games for the last 15 years as monolithic, single code bases that are growing unwieldy and complex," said Chris Butcher, lead developer at Bungie Studios. "C# on Xbox 360 lets us think about new modes of programming. It lets us get back to creating a game rather than wresting with code, while maintaining the real-time performance that we need."


With millions of developers worldwide proficient in C#, the XNA Framework is designed to make game development significantly more approachable for independent and aspiring game developers, while enabling rapid prototyping and concept iteration.


"We were proud to be a launch partner with Microsoft for Xbox 360 Live Arcade, and we’ve been pleased with its success so far," said James Gwertzman, director of Business Development at PopCap Games Inc. "Anything that simplifies the process of creating great casual games and lowers the development complexity for Windows and Xbox 360 is something we’re happy to support."


La conclusion interesante, es que finalmente podremos utilizar .Net dentro de nuestra XBox. Obviamente, en mi caso, para eso primero necesito la XBox, pero ese es un problema que mi chica se propone arreglar.



El Bruno


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