Linux at Microsoft

I follow an interesting thread in Channel 9 .. please read all the comments from Beer28 (a linux developer) … and the answers from everyone …


Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf – Linux at Microsoft, Part I # Tuesday, May 3, 2005 10:14 PM

Charles Torre sits down with Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf and chats about Linux, Windows and Microsoft.

Martin Taylor is Microsoft’s General Manager of Competitive Strategy. He’s the guy that’s been known to wear bullet proof vests at Linux conferences and reaches out to the Linux/OSS community by throwing himself into the SlashDot fire. Remember that phone interview?

Bill Hilf is a Linux developer and Microsoft Technical Director of Platform Strategy. He runs a really nifty lab where his team of Linux hackers explore the world of distros and compare Windows technologies with Linux technologies. You’ll see the lab in the second part of the interview.

Also, Charles didn’t forget about your questions. Niners get some well-deserved love in Part II


Running Time: 27:26

Download Size: 88 MB

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