[#LEGO] Project management board with LEGO! (Freak level 9)



Now that I work with UX people more time, I realize that their level of insanity is very nice. The developers are cool, but the UX are coolest … !!!

And the people of Vitamins has make my day. Imagine that someone ask you for a tool to control tasks for a tem and bases in these premises

– people travel much, so there should be the a online version of the board

– as we are very freaks, also want to have a physical interface so that everyone can see the tracking in real time and “touching” the Board

As well, if that add you a couple of people, who like me, have not had Legos in its infancy; then create a Board of tracking of tasks where:

  • Lego pieces are used to identify people, tasks, etc.
  • If each tab represents an effort, as a series of tabs it is to increase the effort
  • An app for a mobile allows you to take a picture of it and synchronize with the Online real Board
  • You can have a video that will not be viral, but shall be respected by people like me

It said, better video > http://vimeo.com/75500464


Source: http://vitaminsdesign.com/projects/lego-calendar/

Greetings @ Home

El Bruno


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