#Windows10 – Enable #clipboard history

Hi ! I’ve been using this feature for so long, and now I can’t really remember when it was officially launched. The way it works is super easy, once you copy a content to your clipboard, using CTRL+C, the content is added to the Clipboard ring and you can access later using WIN+V. As you…… Continue reading #Windows10 – Enable #clipboard history

#Windows10 – Disable the #SurfaceDial global menu in a UWP App

Hello! Today’s post is a fast one, for a specific scenario: In a Universal Windows Platform App, we must define whether to show or hide the menus when working with a Surface Dial. To do this, we must access the general configuration of Surface Dial using RadialControllerConfiguration. The following class shows an example of a…… Continue reading #Windows10 – Disable the #SurfaceDial global menu in a UWP App