#Humor – This is why you must not comment lines !!!

Hi ! As always Geek and Poke explains our daily developer pains in a great way !!! Greetings @ Toronto -El Bruno Source Geek and Poke


[#HUMOR] Never underestimate a bored developer; or the source code complexity dilemma

Hello! I clearly remember the first time I hear the next sentence Never underestimate a bored developer The next thing I saw after that, was a routine to solve sudokus in... T-SQL! I don't know if it was the fever I got in the past few days, or that I was somehow possessed by some demon; but today [...]

[#HUMOR] Nunca subestimes a un programador aburrido; o la complejidad imposible que puede alcanzar el source code

Hola! Recuerdo como si fuese hoy la primera vez que escuche la frase Nunca subestimes a un programador aburrido Lo siguiente que vi después de escuchar eso, fue una rutina para resolver sudokus en ... T-SQL !!! No se si ha sido la fiebre, o que estuve poseído por algún demonio; pero hoy he leído [...]

[#HUMOR] #ToDo Lists, they usually ends like this one … :S

Hi! Yesterday I wrote about the importance on personal time management, with a ToDo list ... sobre la importancia de saber auto gestionar nuestras tareas ... But, I'm the first one to admit they usually ends like this one Greetings @ Home /El Bruno Source: http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekandpoke/2010/11/todoxls.html