[#UNITY3D] Great promition for Unity3d developers

Hello! Interesting promotion have created the friends of Unity3D. It is a program with 2 levels for developers who create games with Unity3D. If games are published in the Stores of Windows or Windows Phone you can enter into a program of 2 levels where If your game qualify for level 1, you will receive…… Continue reading [#UNITY3D] Great promition for Unity3d developers

[#UNITY3D] Oferta para Unity3d developers

Hola! Interesante promoción han creado los amigos de Unity3D. Es un programa con 2 niveles para developers que creen juegos con Unity3D. Si los juegos se publican en las Stores de Windows o Windows Phone puedes entrar en un programa de 2 niveles donde Si tu juego clasifica para el Nivel 1, recibirás Licencia para Microsoft Windows 8.1…… Continue reading [#UNITY3D] Oferta para Unity3d developers