#RaspberryPi – setup without monitor: enable VNC

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In my previous post I shared a series of steps to:

  • Configure and SD Card with Raspbian
  • Automatically connect to a WiFi network
  • Enable SSH
  • Expand the file system
  • Rename the device
  • Update the default Raspbian software

In this post I’ll share the necessary steps to enable the VNC service, so you can connect to the Raspbian Desktop via VNC.

Enable VNC

In order to activate the VNC service we need to access to the device configuration with the command

sudo raspi-config

Then we select the options

  • Interfacing Options
  • VNC

Select YES

And that’s it, the VNC Server is enabled.

Now we can connect to the device with a VNC client app. Like in example, VNC Viewer


And that’s it, we have our device updated and running with the latest software versions and we didn’t use a monitor! I’ll update this post frequently to make it relevant with my personal best practices.

Happy coding!


El Bruno


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