#dotnet – .Net Core Uninstall Tool !

Hi ! I’ll hold my drone series to basically repost an amazing news for today: Announcing the .NET Core Uninstall Tool 1.0! This is amazing! Mostly because .Net Core versions are a “not-happy experience” to manage. If you work with them a lot, you probably find yourself going to “Add and Remove Programs” and spending…… Continue reading #dotnet – .Net Core Uninstall Tool !

#Windows10 – Cleaning some disk space, Windows SDK and #dotnetcore installs

Hi! I’m very careful with my disk space, however my C: drive in Windows 10 started to claim about low space. I got 3 disks on my machine, 2 SSDs and a regular one; and I always check to install all my software on my D: drive. So, that’s why running low space on C:…… Continue reading #Windows10 – Cleaning some disk space, Windows SDK and #dotnetcore installs