[#HUMOR] #ToDo Lists, they usually ends like this one … :S

Hi! Yesterday I wrote about the importance on personal time management, with a ToDo list … sobre la importancia de saber auto gestionar nuestras tareas … But, I’m the first one to admit they usually ends like this one Greetings @ Home /El Bruno Source: http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekandpoke/2010/11/todoxls.html

[#ALM] The importance of your #ToDo list

Hello! This post is not going to be related to a development methodology or even to developers. If you’re a person who uses some method to organize your daily tasks, this is where I want to go now. I’ll try to describe my own experiences about how you can improve your time management approach, simply improving the way in which…… Continue reading [#ALM] The importance of your #ToDo list

[#ALM] La importancia de tu #ToDo list

Hola! Este post no va ir dedicado ni atado a una metodología de desarrollo en particular. Ni siquiera aplica a developers. Si eres una persona que utiliza algún método para organizar tus tareas diarias, pues aquí es donde quiero llegar ya que, una de las formas en las que puedes mejorar notablemente tu trabajo, es…… Continue reading [#ALM] La importancia de tu #ToDo list