#WINDOWS10 – #IoT Kit for #Raspberry Pi 2

Hola! Great news for the makers community. Specially for those who wants to try the new Windows 10 IoT Core. Microsoft y Adafruit make an agreement to create and distribute an IoT Starter Kit for Windows 10 and  Raspberry Pi 2. With two main editions - Raspberry Pi 2 included at 114.95 (link) - Raspberry Pi 2 not included at 39.95 [...]


#EVENT- Materials used in Windows 10 Developer Readiness by MVPs #IoT #MVPbuzz #webcast

Hola! I’ve just updated to Windows 10 RTM today, so there is no better time to share the source code, video and slides I used a couple of weeks ago in the webcast for Channel 9 “Windows 10 for developers”. I was talking about Internet of Things and Windows 10. You can access the webcast [...]

#EVENT- Materiales del #webcast Windows 10 Developer Readiness by MVPs #IoT #MVPbuzz

Hola! Hoy he actualizado a la version RTM de Windows 10 y que mejor momento que este para compartir los materiales que usamos en el webcast de presentacion de capacidades de Windows 10 para desarrolladores. En mi caso, me hice cargo de la sección de Internet of Things. El webcast se puede ver en este [...]

EVENT- #Coding4Fun 2.5 at #TLP2015 #TLPInnova (Required Update)

Hola! Next week I’ll be hosting a Coding4Session on Tenerife in TLP. The event 2000 new technologies fans, 6 days 24 hours with increased connection of the country. More than 40,000 visitors will immerse in the world of comics, film, and Manga among others. And in TLP Innova will enjoy more than 100 hours of [...]

ENG #EVENT- Event Materials in the #Coding4Fun event for #GapAnd2015

Hola! Today was a great day, and we enjoyed a lot with tons of Friends in the Geek-A-Palooza event. So to all the people involved THANKS A LOT !!! As always, is a great placer to meet old Friends and to make new ones. Now is time to share slides and source code https://github.com/elbruno/events/tree/master/2015%2007%2004%20Gap%20Andorra And [...]