#Lego – Lego Replay, donate your bricks! #AmazingIdea

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Short post today, however I think is the best one I’ve wrote in a while. That’s because, Lego has created a new amazing campaign where they help you to donate your old Lego bricks, for people who may not have access to Lego bricks.

The name of the campaign is LEGO Replay. And the main idea behind this, is to make it simple:

  • Put together all those loose LEGO pieces, that you may have (I know we have a lot!)
  • Place them into a cardboard box
  •  Visit the LEGO Replay website https://www.lego.com/replay
  • Print out a free shipping label
  • And send the box, via UPS or FedEx


As usual, a 60 seconds video is the best way to understand this

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno