#LinkedIn – How do I pronounce your name? LinkedIn may help

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Hi !

I meet new people everyday, and living in this multicultural world, one of the first questions I ask is:

How do I pronounce your name?

I think I can manage Latin names, however with so many people from all around the world, is nice to try to learn the correct way to pronounce their names.

Lucky for us, LinkedIn added a new feature which may help a lot with this.

Bruno CApuano linked In profile

When you access to a LinkedIn Profile, you can now access to the “Name Pronunciation” feature and listen to the correct way to pronounce the name.

And, this is not just simple Text-To-Speech, each person has the chance to record their own name. You just need to edit this information in your profile.

Edit linked in  profile in mobile

It seems that you can only do this in LinkedIn mobile app. The “listen” feature is available also in web.

An simple but super useful feature!

Happy coding!


El Bruno