#Personal – The amazing moment when you realize that you are helping people ! #MVPBuzz

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Being part of communities is awesome, and sometimes you get some feedback that really makes your day. Last week, I saw in the LinkedIn updates, that one of my LinkedIn contacts get a new Job in the VR/AR space.

Note: Do you know that VR/AR is on the most hot job around today. Read the article [AR/VR engineers replace blockchain programmers as hottest commodity] in the references section.

Based on some Scott Hanselman advise, I spend my 15 min a day, giving kudos to people who are rocking our tech world. And I take advantage of the super cool LinkedIn suggested messages. Then this happened:

I meet MrX (keep his name confidential) last year during a Microsoft Mixed Reality event. I was part of the proctors and I had the time of my life helping there.

This event was pivotal into MrX career, she/he decided to go in this way. And 2 years later … boom, MrX is an Applied Research in AR/VR.

I don’t know you, but this types of experiences really make my day.

As always, happy to help!

Happy coding!


El Bruno


#Event – Slides of the session [Tips on how to earn an MVP award and what are the benefits] #MVPBuzz

Hi !

Quick post today, I’m dealing with tons of personal stuff and my blogging time is near to zero 😀

Yesterday I co-hosted a session with Ehsan (@ehsaneskandarim) about our experiences in the MVP program. It was nice to share some non technical content, and I hope I shocked some people with my Xbox Controller demo for a 5 years old kid.

By the way, my 2 main topics were related to

Please think on diversity for your technical communities. Include diverse people, invite diverse people, do fast talks, and more … When I read that @prsdkmt posted this tweet, I was happy that at least one person get the message

I’ve been working in Avanade for almost 14 years, and they always supported my MVP role. This is also very important if you are lucky to start this path

Job which supports MVP role, thanks Avanade

And of course, my slides :

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno