#Ebook – Free ebook: Machine Learning with #MATLAB

Hi! Today is Friday, so it's time for a quick post. I'm also sure that right now I'll be on the FanExpo In Toronto with my little ones visiting Aquaman /Jason Momoa. The Friends of Mathworks, parents of Matlab, are sharing for free this Machine Learning ebook Machine Learning with MATLAB Yesterday while I was … Continue reading #Ebook – Free ebook: Machine Learning with #MATLAB


#Ebook – Gratis: Machine Learning con #MATLAB

Buenas! Post rápido de viernes que seguramente a esta hora estaré en la FanExpo en Toronto con mis enanos visitando a Aquaman / Jason Momoa. Los amigos de MathWorks, padres de MatLab regalan el siguiente libro electrónico gratis Machine Learning with MATLAB Ayer en el tren volviendo a casa leí la 1ra sección, y la … Continue reading #Ebook – Gratis: Machine Learning con #MATLAB