#Hololens – A couple of other Holographic devices

Hi ! A couple of weeks ago Microsoft announced that the Holographic world will be open to other platforms besides Hololens. And they chose this video as the best way to present this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCRa_l8YZ7k So I think is time to create a small list on some of the cool devices which are now great players…… Continue reading #Hololens – A couple of other Holographic devices

#Hololens – First update and is full of surprises !!!

Hi ! So these are nice days for Hololens developers, Wave 2 of device distribution is already started and we’ve got a new system update with tons of news. Let’s start with this nice video from the Hololens team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM5OHHrOGqQ The full list of changes can be found here (release notes). I’ll focus on the…… Continue reading #Hololens – First update and is full of surprises !!!

#Podcast – #Hololens first impressions (spanish)

Hi ! In today’s episode in [No Tiene Nombre], I’m luck enough to have some time with Josue Yeray (@JosueYeray) and we talk about Hololens. He share about his first impressions with the device, not only as a final user, but also what people says when you are using it in a bar. We also make a quick review…… Continue reading #Podcast – #Hololens first impressions (spanish)

#Podcast – Primeras experiencias con #Hololens

Hola ! En el episodio de hoy de [No Tiene Nombre], hablamos con Josue Yeray (@JosueYeray) sobre Hololens. Comentamos las primeras experiencias con el dispositivo, lo que ha aprendido Josue durante este tiempo, por ejemplo con sus buenas experiencias con amigos en bares. Además damos un repaso rápido a las herramientas de desarrollo para Hololens…… Continue reading #Podcast – Primeras experiencias con #Hololens

#HoloLens – More #training materials: #Tutorials, #GitHub and Videos

Hi ! So, Microsoft is creating and sharing tons of materials to develop HoloLens Apps. So let’s share a recap Tutorials One nice sample is an 1 hour tutorial to create from scratch a HoloLens app which includes features for gaze gestures, voice input, spatial sound and spatial mapping. https://youtu.be/Xzm8_s05mm8 This one is part of the…… Continue reading #HoloLens – More #training materials: #Tutorials, #GitHub and Videos

#Hololens – You can also create #2D apps !!!

Hi ! After my yesterday’s post about HoloLens Dev Center, I start to read other sources and I found some interesting information for Windows Apps Developers. So, there are 2 main types of apps to be developed / used with the HoloLens: The ultra cool 3D apps This apps basically relies on Holograms. These are…… Continue reading #Hololens – You can also create #2D apps !!!

#Hololens – Ya tenemos contenidos para desarrolladores !

Hola ! Hoy es un gran día para los que estamos esperando conocer y probar las Hololens. Mientras esperamos al 30 de Marzo, que es la fecha oficial de “reparto” de hardware, podemos ir conociendo algunas cosas para el desarrollo de apps para Hololen que se han publicado en Hololens Dev Center . El siguiente listado seguro que nos mantiene…… Continue reading #Hololens – Ya tenemos contenidos para desarrolladores !

#Hololens – #Developers materials available now !

Hi ! Today is a great day for some developers. I was expecting some more advanced materials regarding Hololens and, lucky for us the Hololens Dev Center has updated and added tons of information. The main topics are nice reading materials for next weeks: Understanding HoloLens Hologram Hardware details HoloLens shell overview App views on…… Continue reading #Hololens – #Developers materials available now !

#HOLOLENS – SDK available for #USA and #Canada at only $3000!

Hola! Today our Microsoft friends make some very interesting announcements from New York. The new Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, deserve a separate post. However, what I want to emphasize is the following The development of Hololens kit will be available in the first quarter of 2016 Only for USA and Canada You have to prepare…… Continue reading #HOLOLENS – SDK available for #USA and #Canada at only $3000!

#HOLOLENS – El SDK disponible para #USA y #Canada a tan solo $3000 !!!

Hola! Hoy varios anuncios importantes de hardware de los amigos de Microsoft desde New York. Los nuevos Surface Pro 4 y el Surface Book, merecen un post aparte, son simplemente geniales. Sin embargo, lo que quiero remarcar es lo siguiente – El kit de desarrollo de Hololens estará disponible el primer trimestre del año que…… Continue reading #HOLOLENS – El SDK disponible para #USA y #Canada a tan solo $3000 !!!