#Hololens – Detect user hand interactions using #HoloToolkit (update!)

Hello! During the last few months HoloToolkit has changed a lot. These changes make some of the examples that I have written as non-valid posts. In today's post, I'll quickly explain how to implement detection of hands with the current version of HoloToolkit. We start with the basics with these steps   Create a 3D [...]


#HoloLens – How to detect hands using #HoloToolkit

Hi ! Someone ask me about the objective of the HandsManager script (part of HoloToolkit).So, if we take a HUD like the one in my previous post, we can use this HUD to display information about hands. The next sample script shows the following hand information: Hands detected Hand pressed I'll create a complete project [...]

#HoloLens – Detectando manos con #HoloToolkit

Hola ! Alguien me preguntó como se podía utilizar el script HandsManager incluido en el HoloToolkit. Pues bien, partiendo de un HUD, como el que comenté en el post anterior, podemos utilizar un script para mostrar el estado de las manos. El siguiente ejemplo muestra si hay manos detectadas en la escena y además si las [...]