#Python – #FastAPI Webserver sharing information from values in a different thread

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Hi !

After my yesterday post using Flask, I was sure that a FastAPI version will be needed, so here it goes:

I have a common scenario which involves:

  • A sensor collecting information
  • A web-server publishing the sensor information

Read my previous posts to understand why I think this is the simple way to solve this: Multi-threading.

  • Thread 1, where an infinite loop request information from the sensor, and stores the latest value to be shared.
  • Thread 2, where a web-server process requests and share the latest sensor information.

Easy ! And after a couple of tests, I manage to create a single file implementing this:

So at this point, you may think: why does El Bruno need this? So, let’s share an image that I’ll use in future posts:

thermal camera demo

Happy coding!


El Bruno