#Event – #DevOps Lessons learned and some information on the #Hololens Tour on June

Hello! During these days in Visual Studio Live @ Austin I have been lucky enough to go to a lot of very good sessions. In example, I've seen how Brian Randell or Richard Hundhausen made great DevOps demos concepts using Visual Studio Team Services. I liked a lot how now, when we use Team Foundation in the [...]


#VS2017 – Visible Keyboard shortcuts in the IDE thanks to #ReSharper !

Hi ! If you know me, you probably noted that, when I’m programming, I hardly use the mouse, I like to use keyboard shortcuts. This is very useful for me, however it can became an issue when I need to share my screen and do some coworking. In example when I’m doing a code review […]

#Hololens – HoloToolkit Sharing: Share holograms between different devices (Post 1 of N, no idea right now the total amount of effort to make it work …)

Hello! Now that I've found a 2nd set of Hololens to work here in Toronto, is the time to go back to Unity3D and the HoloToolkit. More specific: it's time to learn and test on one of the less documented features: Sharing Holograms. Once we have imported package of HoloToolkit Unity (in the right way), we can see in [...]

#VS2017 – There are some GREAT improvements in the installation process! (Do you know anything about this?)

Update: The product name is officially Visual Studio 2017 instead of Visual Studio 15. Hello! A few hours ago the 5 Preview of Visual Studio 15 was announced. And while many posts speak about the new C# 7, or what's new in web development; not many of them shares the great improvements included in the installation process. A [...]