ENG [#IOT] #RaspberryPi2 and #Windows10 (1 on N)


New post for Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi 2 series

  1. Hardware and software (1 on N)
  2. Boot from SD card in the device (2 of N)
  3. Hello World mode! (3 of N)
  4. Visual Studio deployment process and Web Management app (4 on N)
  5. Hello Blinky !!! (5 on N)
  6. Some admin tasks, like change password and change name (6 on N)
  7. List of connected devices in the Raspberry Pi 2 (7 on N)
  8. Deploy an app using the deploy package (8 on N)

I’ve been very busy during the past days, so I have not had time to update some of the interesting new features presented on Build. So today I’ll go with one of my personal favorites: Windows 10 and Raspberry Pi 2.

First the disclaimer: keep in mind that the version of Windows that we will use on the device is not the same you have on your laptop, so keep your expectations lower

So let’s start, the first thing you need is to have installed Windows 10 Insider Preview, i.e. build 10074 or higher


The next step is to download the bits from Connect.


If not these discharged in the program, you can request access athttps://connect.microsoft.com/windowsembeddedIoT/

Another important detail is to have the hardware! In the case of the Raspberry Pi 2, we need

-a feed 5V micro USB. If we are not going to use any USB port on the device, with 2V is sufficient, although it is never the case

-a 8GB micro SD. More and more large is the image down

-a network cable

-an HDMI cable and a monitor to project output. This is optional, but I recommend it

If you don’t have all this separately, this offer from amazon is fine (link)


As you can see in the image, I also recommend a starter kit like the Grove. You save long cord and welder and allows you to prototype quickly in plug and play mode.

OK, with all the prerequisites that are ready the next thing we need to do is install Windows Developer Program for IoT .


At the end of the installation we will see that we have a watcher app to see all the devices that are in our network with Windows 10 Embedded.


In the next post I will comment on as download the image to the SD card and how to put it on the Raspberry. And obviously some source code… 😀

Saludos @ Home

/El Bruno

Connect Windows IoT, https://connect.microsoft.com/windowsembeddedIoT/Downloads

Grove Raspberry PI StarterKit, http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/GrovePi-Starter-Kit-for-Raspberry-Pi-p-2240.html?cPath=122_154_151

Amazon Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MV6TAJI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00MV6TAJI&linkCode=as2&tag=bkgas-20&linkId=WLMVSPXNSH3CJ3WD

ENG [#VS2015] Error and solution for the #GitHub plugin and new option to open repos directly from GitHub


If you are trying to test what’s new in Visual Studio 2015 and GitHub, you may find the following error


An exception was thrown while initializing part “GitHub.Caches.SharedCache”.

No problem !!! You only need to update the plugin from GitHub from the menu “Tools/Extensions and Updates”.


Once updated, now you can connect without problems to GitHub.

By the way, now on GitHub have a new option to level repository “Open in Visual Studio”.


This type of link, directly opens the repo in VS2015,


Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

ENG [#VS2015] #GitHub and Visual Studio 2015, first class citizen


Now we have already read / listen all the major Build news, is time to review the 2nd level news. Caution! These ones are, most the times, more appreciate for the developers community.

In example, the integration between Visual Studio and Git is getting better and better since the last couple of years, Microsoft promise  “we want to be where are the developers” is also going in the correct direction. And of course the most popular meeting point is GitHub.

Now in Visual Studio 2015, in Team Explorer panel we have the following options when connecting to a repository

Clipboard01 Clipboard02

I think that images removes any doubt… the next step is the login on GitHub


And ready! We are already citizens of 1st class in VS2015 with GitHub.

And you can download the RC version from https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/visual-studio-2015-downloads-vs

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

ENG [#EVENT] #Coding4Fun now in Malaga!



Thanks to some Malaga friends, I will participate in this year’s Malaga DotNet event. My event will be in Coding4Fun mode, and for this one I’ve updated some of the demos with new materials (no comments about this yet …)

So now you know, if on May 30th you are in Málaga enjoying the beach or in a mental arithmetic tournament , you are invited !!!

More information on the main event page http://dotnetmalaga.es/2015/

Greetings @ La Finca

/El Bruno

ENG [#OPINION] MS Press + Microsoft Virtual Academy = free books


I strongly believe that one of the best investments for your money is a good book. I have many paper eBooks and also in electronic format, many of them are technical, although I also have novels, biographies, etc.

When a couple of days ago I wrote a post about free ebooks Azure Machine Learning and Agile with Visual Studio Onlin, there were a couple of coworkers who asked me how I had heard of these offers.

Well, you only need to go to the official MS Press website and select “Free ebooks”. This option will take us to a special section of Microsoft Virtual Academy dedicated to technical books. If you filter by Azure, you will see that we have 6 books available dedicated to the subject,


As you know, if you want material for this summer… as you know 😀

/El Bruno

MS Press: https://www.microsoftpressstore.com/

Free eBook: http://www.microsoftvirtualacademy.com/ebooks

ENG [#MAKER] Living on the edge? You’ve to use the #Arduino hourly builds


If you like to live on the edge, drinking Red Bull all the time while you unsafely remove your USB drives, then surely this news will give you an adrenaline rush.

Our friends at Arduino.cc (which aren’t so good between them, now there are problems in the main team) now give us the option to download the stable version of the IDE, and also the chance to get a version compiled on hourly basis.


Don’t expect the installer, this is RAW. Is the IDE and all the dependencies to run it. For example, the stable version is the latest build 1.6.3, we can find the news in the file [revisions.txt]


* Restored previous ‘error’ colour in black lower part of the IDE
* Relaxed IDE checks against libraries versions
* Fixed colour of ‘char’ keyword. Thanks @mixania
* Tools submenu show selected subentry. Thanks @PaulStoffregen
* Boards and Libraries Managers command line (with contribs from @Lauszus):-install-board “arduino: Arduino SAM Boards (32-bit ARM Cortex-M3): 1. 3″ and 6 – install-library” Bridge: 1.0. 1″. “” Version can be omitted: if omitted, latest version available is automatically picked
* Warning levels can be set in File > Preferences
* When compilation fails, editor highlights the reported row
* Windows and MacOSX: updated bunbled JVM to 1.8. 0_45 (latest available atm)

Now is on you to choose the red pill or the blue one.

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Download: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

[#HUMOR] Never underestimate a bored developer; or the source code complexity dilemma


I clearly remember the first time I hear the next sentence

Never underestimate a bored developer

The next thing I saw after that, was a routine to solve sudokus in… T-SQL!

I don’t know if it was the fever I got in the past few days, or that I was somehow possessed by some demon; but today I read a couple of lines that I wrote 4 days ago and I only thought about this.


Or need to say what I think about myself, and how big that are at Geek & Poke

/El Bruno

Source: http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekandpoke/2010/11/how-to-make-a-good-code-review.html

ENG [#VSONLINE] Rename Team Projects, Oh Yeaaahh, Finally! I can’t find the happiest word to describe this …


If you are a TFS user, for sure you will remember the exact moment in which after using a Team Project for a while, you came to the conclusion that the name was not correct. It was at that precise moment when you realize that you have 2 options

– Create a new Team Project with the correct name. Migrate between the 2 TPs all the Work Items, the source control history, the user and security settings, etc.

– Or… continue to work on the original TP and try not to fall into the temptation to look at the bad name.

As well, this to us has some hairs brought from 10 years ago, already has solution:

It is now possible to rename a Team Project in Team Foundation Server.

What we can see and test in Visual Studio Online. And having said that, I can only enjoy the weekend in peace…

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/willy-peter_schaub/archive/2015/04/25/from-vsts-2005-to-vso-rename-time-flies-when-you-are-having-fun.aspx

ENG [#CLION] #JetBrains new IDE for C/C++


I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how ReSharper for Visual Studio now supports C++, and now JetBrains team has just published a very nice IDE for your C/C++ projects. This new product name is CLion and is quite interesting.

On the home page of the product, are all the most important features, so take a look. Like every other JetBrains product, the licensing model is split in levels: enterprise level and individuals. With special offers for students, startups, etc.

When you start to use the product, you get the special feeling of a JetBrains products. In example, in the configuration of the working environment you find GIT, TFS, optional integration with TeamCity, etc.


Next step is try to import a project created with Visual Studio 2015.

In example, import a console app, in a Hello world mode, works nice. First you should select the files that you want to import


And in a few steps you will have your console application up and running on CLion.


I’ll spend a little more time this weekend to test the other features in the IDE. I will try to make some evolution of any app using CLion as main IDE.

Important: If you plan to continue using Visual Studio 2015 as main IDE for C++, be careful in this CLion installer options screen.


More information on the CLion blog and in the twitter account @clion_ide 

Saludos @ Home

/El Bruno

Home: https://www.jetbrains.com/clion/features/