[#KINECTSDK] Error: Kinect Monitor (KinectMonitor) failed to start.


Today is (again) a quick post. I hope this one is my last error fixing of the year 2014. Todays issue is related to the installation process of Kinect SDK V2. If you were using old sdks, you’ll probably find this error message

Error code: 1920

Kinect Monitor (KinectMonitor) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services

error Kinect 01

So is time to check the log in temp folder. There is a message which suggest me that previous versions of the KinectSDK not deleted some files on the uninstall process. And that’s why, the current Installer had problems to deploy and register a new Kinect service .

error Kinect 02

The first thing I did was delete the installation files in “%\Program Files%\Microsoft Kinect Drivers”. And then I found that also had to eliminate a Kinect V2 Windows service.

error Kinect 03

This is the easiest one: open a console with administrator permissions and launch the command

“sd delete KinectManagement”

error Kinect 04

And that’s it !!!! Now I can successfully install the new Kinect SDK V2.

error Kinect 05

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[#VS2013] Some build errors, #Bing Developer Assistant and how you can probably skip a couple of steps ;)


Bing Developer Assistant is so cool. Some time ago I already wrote about it, specially for scenarios where the addin could help us while we in “code mode”.

Today I see that when a build fails, we also get some support in the error list panel.

error 01

the way it works is simple, you select the option “Contextual Search Bing” and bing launches a background process with a search which creates an HTML file with the result of the search. The AddIn opens this with the default browser. As the error I used is kind of weird, so instead I used a most common error

A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods

Maybe we’ll see some more interesting results. With some StackOverflow results of course

error 02

So that’s cool.

Going back to the first error, I will dedicate a post to this one (a long one), just comment that is related to XAML, Blend, Visual Studio, and someone with sticky fingers :S

Child node “2” exited prematurely. Shutting down. Diagnostic information may be found in files in the temporary files directory named MSBuild_*.failure. txt.

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Download: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a1166718-a2d9-4a48-a5fd-504ff4ad1b65

[#VS2013] NuGet Error: Failed to initialize the PowerShell host. If your PowerShell execution policy setting is set to AllSigned, open the Package Manager Console to initialize the host first.


Today I’ll go with a and easy-to-fix Visual Studio error. I was fixing some old projects and I find that suddenly NuGet decided to stop working.


The error message was pretty clear

‘ EntityFramework 6.1. 1′ already installed.
Adding ‘ EntityFramework 6.1. 1′ to BigAndCoolProject.
Successfully added ‘ EntityFramework 6.1. 1′ to BigAndCoolProject.
Executing script file ‘… \src\packages\EntityFramework.6.1.1\tools\install.ps1′.
Failed to initialize the PowerShell host. If your PowerShell execution policy setting is set to AllSigned, open the Package Manager Console to initialize the host first.

The strange thing is that suddenly the PowerShell execution permissions are “fell” to “Restricted” level. So which well, is time of

-Open a PowerShell console with administrator permissions

-Check the level of permissions with the command ‘Get-ExecutionPolicy’

-Set the level of permissions to “RemoteSigned” with the command “Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned”



That Yes, the IDE to take changes is necessary to restart Visual Studio.

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[#VSONLINE] New license model and prices for builds, load testing, release management, etc.


A few days ago Brian Harry has released some Christmas news with some changes in the licensing model for Visual Studio Online, and also he make some clarification related to the prices of some of the services in VSO.

Some time ago he already announced some important changes, for example StakeHolders will not require to pay a license (I already wrote here about this). And also in the post, Brian Harry remark new changes for various services:

  • Release Management
  • Test Execution
  • Cloud Load Testing
  • VS Online Build Service

I want to talk about a little about the last one (because we have a fun talk about this with a colleague at work). Discounting the 60 free minutes we have per month, the basic price for build server is this one:

  • $0.05 per minute up to 20 hours
  • $0.01 per minute spent 20 hours

If we do a quick math calc, we can create a table with the following values

Minutes Daily Builds Month Working Days Total Minutes / Month Mont build Hours Month Cost
5 10 20 1000 16.67 $50.00
5 20 20 2000 33.33 $20.00
5 50 20 5000 83.33 $50.00
5 100 20 10000 166,67 $100.00
10 10 20 2000 33.33 $20.00
10 20 20 4000 66,67 $40.00
10 50 20 10000 166,67 $100.00
10 100 20 20000 333,33 $200.00

The premise in these numbers is the time that takes each build (1st col), the number of builds that we launched a day (2nd column) and the days of work per month (3rd column). This is completely relative to each team, since if you have a continuous CI process, a team of 20 people and beams of checkins 30 half a day, then the numbers will be others.

Returning to exercise builds and price, if we do a quick analysis of the price list, the first thing that strikes us is that, with exceptions, really you should spend 20 hours per month. For example, having a build that average takes 5 minutes, spent the same to launch 10 daily builds to build 50 daily.

In the same way, we see to throw 100 daily builds of 5 minutes each, gives about $100 a month. If you really know the value that gives you an integration scenario, you will see that this is very cheap. (would certainly 100 daily builds, in a team of 5 people are 20 builds a day, or in continuous integration are 20 daily checkins, enough or almost, if?)

I won’t go into detail of scenarios more complex, where a build also compile and run tests, also generate packages, deployment packages, run tests automation, etc. I think this kind of compilations are not which run on a CI environment, though no shortage of exceptions and it will be necessary to adjust prices to the model requiring each team.

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/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2014/12/10/more-pricing-and-licensing-changes-coming.aspx

[#ALM] About Annual Performance Reviews, new Managers and feel free to break walls !!!



When we are getting closer to end-of-year, we usually get to that fabulous moment where we face the annual performance review. I know, I am not going to talk about that topic for 2 reasons: first one, is that painful model gives me hives and that would also give to write a full post. Is much better to read what Ilya Pozin wrote about this in 2 pages (link). One of the points that stresses me, and also included in the post, is that the frequency of the feedback need not be annual it should in “real time mode”. He also point some spots like for example minimize the critical negative about the work, talks about statistics and differences between assessments towards women and men; and a couple of other things.

What I think is missing is a bit of vision about the managers / beloved leaders / bosses or however is called your team. When a evaluations process begin to be more effective, it also changes the way in which someone leads a team. If we start from the basis: an evaluation is an act which aims to correct a mistake or reinforce good practice in a team, since much of the responsibility for this act lies with the person who carries it out, let’s got deeper into the manager role.

For example, I’ve seen many cases where the managers, take a model 100% oriented to the delegation of tasks and its role is simply to direct and command a group of people. IMHO this is usually as spit against the wind. In modern equipment, the health of the team depends on the relationship that exists between members in the same. If the only thing that makes the boss is giving orders, when it comes to communicate an assessment, for sure the first thought of the evaluated one will be something similar to “and he tells me what? if he does not understand nothing of what we do“. On the other hand, the attitude of the beloved leader is lead by example, the time of the evaluation is much closer and probably far more effective. A little more about this. I do not mean that a manager has to work closely with each of the members of the team (which you should do if you can). Leading by example means to be consistent with actions that we perform because those are which will appear on the members of the team. In these cases, and as a matter of common sense, the beloved leaders tend to be chosen by the team.

This brings me to the second point which is related to the frequency with which these assessments are performed. My recommendation is not invest 15 minutes a day with each Member of the team, but if you analyze the variables that define the team environment and such time take advantage of retrospective or similar to make these assessments. And here we come to an important point, if your company assessments are annual, That does not mean that you are not able to change this way of work. I do not mean to convince managers of human resources to change the way of working with 10000 employees, but rather to perform disruptive actions from the inside. Someones will think I intend to foment a revolution, and the truth is YES. If you really believe in a model that can work better, you must to apply it on your team. Discuss with other colleagues and in the long run if the model is good, for sure that you end up adapting to the philosophy of the company.

Note: Provided that you propose a good idea, do not think that there is a top layer so obtuse as to not realize the advantages of a change for better.


On that basis, it is incredible as the “new managers” are much more open to sharing information, in contrast with the traditional managers where reigns the belief that “the information must be controlled”. I am not going to get into social issues, although this is also given due to a generation where the concept of IP is increasingly more strange and contrary to what was in the last 50 years. (This is the 2nd point where I should write a post just for this)

To close the post and going back to being disruptive, I simply would encourage anyone who hold this role of beloved leader to break a little the established barriers and try to

  • Be consistent with what you say and what you do. This will be reflected when you transmit a message with the team
  • Adopt a model of real time feedback. Annual evaluations are very well, really well, incredibly well 😉
  • Understand the different generations of people in the team. This is important, you have to be very subtle when working with people from 25 years and 50 years…
  • Convince your ‘bosses’ what you think. I know, it’s like spitting in the wind and most likely is goes wrong, but … and if it goes well?


Here you should cut the post, because the next paragraph will surely be about disruptive models and think I’ll better play football with Valentino for a while 😀

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Why Everyone Hates Performance Reviews And How To Fix Them


[#VS2015] HowTo: Change the IDE based on your work environment


If your like me, you probably get to work on different computers. So, the chances that you also have to adapt to each of these environments to VS IDE are great. For example, the Surface Pro has a very cool super definition HD and is very good , but the size is kind of a problem, you don’t have he choice to have many panels open at the same time. On the other hand, in my case, I have my main laptop for development with a touch screen monitor 21″ which is great to use at home most of the time.

Visual Studio 2015 brings a very good feature, which allows us to save and recall different layours of the IDE. Using this feature, when I work with my single SurPro the editor code and Solution Explorer; I have active and in the other case therefore also active a couple of panels more.

All this from the menu “Windows / Windows Layout“, as always a video that is worth a thousand pictures.

vs2015 Windows Layout

One of those little things that brighten you day 😀

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[#VS2015] A little about #Roslyn, #ReSharper 9.0 RTM available and now is part of a very cool suite ;)


With the arrival of Roslyn, Visual Studio 2015 as IDE was able to take a big step and incorporate some tools that are in the line of “code / syntax helpers” very similar to the ones we know in ReSharper. For example, the Syntax Tree Visualizer is an interesting one. Also, now that compilers for C# and VB.Net are open source, the creation of these extensions is something that we will certainly see much in the future. (it is only necessary to navigae here once in a while)

For example, the typical action of “remove unnecessary usings” is now much more complete when we deploy it.

RS 01

We can see that in addition to a menu where it offers us the action of removing the unnecessary usings, we also have the option to do it at the level of file, project, or solution. Another scenario where we can change a concatenation of strings horrilble to use a string.format () is also possible, in this case thanks to Refactory.One

rs 04

As I said before, this kind of actions we know them of ReSharper.Y clear, as always in these cases ‘pressure’ passes to extension to see with that is surprising in the new version. In this case in version 9, the first thing that will get us attention is that ReSharper is no longer an isolated product and becomes part of “JetBrains .net Tools“. What personally I seems great. The JetBrains guys typically make very good products and have a same installer R #.dotTrace, dotCover and dotPeek, is already on a great idea.

RS 02

And then he comes to see the new ReSharper 9. The first thing we find is obvious: support for Visual Studio 2015.And of course, in addition to actions “basic” friends of JetBrains give an overview of C# 6.0 with new features and more than interesting scenarios (here there is a full post on the subject).

This is the complete listing of new features, and although I haven’t used it much there are a couple of features that are interesting

-Regular Expression Validator

Needless to say that I belong to 99% of the population to Hate regular expressions. Although they can be something very useful for basic tasks like validate an email, when we started using for replaces strange, since SkyNet begins. There are many tools to validate regular expressions (e.g. RegExBuddy), now well of R # has the touch of JetBrains and is very well integrated within the IDE.

rs 05

-Fix in Scope

As before, I mentioned that the fix of usings supports such actions to level document, project, or solution. Now see as R # improve it a little more and give us these options for the “Fix in Scope”.

rs 06

The best is that the trial is still 30 days, now with the option to “pause” the same. For example in the weeks of Christmas where it will not work neither the tato 😉

rs 07

Greetings @ Madrid

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Bonus Track.

Roslyn’s is amazing. There are projects like Code-Cracker allowing to have all the power of a code Analyzer at time of build (scenarios of CI are spectacular), others as NR6 Pack where we can see that in addition to being a good platform of refactoring actions, are thinking about migrating to MonoDevelop with what the concept “productivity” and “cross-platform” will be ever-expanding.

[#HUMOR] One of the better and worst things that happens to Developers


Long ago that do not put one of the posts from humor, today has been reviewing earrings, see this post and automatically feel identified

developer madness

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Source: http://geek-and-poke.com/geekandpoke/2014/11/29/developers-madness

[#TFS2013] Do you need a sample source code of TFS integration? You got it! TFS WordAddIn is OSS


I-m trying to getup and do some stuff while I’m dealing with a strange fever. So i just found that the ALM Rangers have released, the source code for the Word AddIn which works with TFS. The Homepage is on CodePlex, and here you will find some explanation about the project. It would nice to use GitHub (as other MS teams have been done) and in the part of recommendations that specify the version of WiX needed to compile the installer of the AddIn.

Otherwise thanks a project with a diagram of the layers to understand the internal structure, a little use of Unity to disengage a little and even Moq and tests to validate the correct evolution if you want to make changes.


Below I leave you a few details about the project and if I get bored, I do 4 changes for an idea I have for some time and that it can be useful!

Greetings @ Fever 40°

&El Bruno

Home: https://vsarword4tfs.codeplex.com/

Download: https://vsarword4tfs.codeplex.com/releases/view/166627

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/willy-peter_schaub/archive/2014/12/03/team-foundation-server-word-add-in-goes-oss-as-a-sample.aspx