[#ALM] Visual Studio Online free eBook (eng)


Excellent news if you are looking for some new content to add in your Kindle. If you are looking for a good intro for manage agile projects using Visual Studio Online as main platform, you’ve to thanks our Microsoft Press friends. They now give you the chance of free download the following book: ‘ Managing Agile Open-Source Software Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online “


I take a quick look to the book I have to say that I really liked the book. I know a little about the topics covered in the book

Chapter 1, “Triage of ideas”
Chapter 2, “Getting ready”
Chapter 3, “Building the working solutions”
Chapter 4, “Raising the quality bar”
Appendix 1, “Supporting toolbox”
Appendix 2, “Eating your own dogfood is key”

As if it were a real book I “jump to a random page” and I’ve been reading from there for about 1 hour. This book is always interesting to review these concepts and the truth that the book does so in a very pleasant way.

100% recommended and Kudos to the team of Microsoft!

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/microsoft_press/archive/2015/04/09/free-ebook-managing-agile-open-source-software-projects-with-microsoft-visual-studio-online.aspx

Descarga: Download the PDF (9.31 MB)

[#RESHARPER] R# for C++, there let’s go for #IoT


Yesterday in a thread on Twitter, some cronies began to talk about the benefits of JavaScript. Others commented that not all JavaScript in life and I told them that in the world of the brave, we are back to C++.

For example Visual Studio as C++ development IDE is very good. The truth is it’s nice to work with VS and of course if over now we have ReSharper for C++ support, think about creating apps for Arduino or Galileo starts to be more than interesting.

This specific version for C++ has some classic ReSharper features like auto-complete with templates

And classical refactoring actions as Rename, Refactor to Variable, Extract, etc. I have not tried the actions of navigation, nor the code analysis but I think that you can give you an idea of how fast that can now be the development environment for C++ with the help of ReSharper.

And to close, here’s the Twitter thread

Saludos @ La Finca

/El Bruno

Source: http://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2015/04/10/introducing-resharper-cpp/

[#VS2015] #MachineLearning and Visual Studio? 3 platforms for a quick start



When you create apps using Arduino, Galileo or any of these platforms, the amount of data that you can generate is quite big. Yesterday I wrote a post where I commented an almost real example, about how the information on the consumption habits of a person and a series of connected devices can be the basis for the exploitation of these data in a Machine Learning platform.

Personally one of them that I use most is Azure Machine Learning, about which I have pending write some posts. AzureML is very complete, and a Getting Started of this type opens the mind in a few minutes. That Yes, it’s time to add a new language to your skills: “Welcome to R“. By now RStudio is the ideal tool for programming in R.

If you want something closer and simple, there are several options available that allow us to be within “the comfort of Visual Studio“. Here I have 2 options.

Numl, of Seth Juarez, is one of them. It is available for download as a package NuGet and the great Juan María Hernández (@gulnor) has presented it in an amazing post, “Machine Learning and Disney Princesses“. Numl relies on a supervised learning and the truth that Seth resolves it in a very elegant manner.

Bonus Track: Seth last year gave a talk of interesting ML which can be seen on Channel 9 (link)

Another option is Accord.Net Framework. This has an interesting history. If you’ve worked with image processing, as surely you know AForge.Net. As well, Accord.Net is based largely on the algorithms of AForge. Numl, as there is a very simple and useful getting started. In this case the examples we have also other issues such as processing of audio and images and statistics.

Important: Care, that this library used originally Google Code and… because now not da more service. Have moved all those sources to Github, although still there are references and results of searches that we carry to Google Code.

As well, not have an excuse for not starting to put you in the fabulous world of ML!

Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno


Machine Learning, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_learning

R Programming Language, http://www.r-project.org/

Azure Machine Learning, http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/machine-learning/

Machine Learning con princesas Disney, http://blog.koalite.com/2015/03/machine-learning-con-princesas-disney/

Numl, https://github.com/sethjuarez/numl

Architecting Predictive Algorithms for Machine Learning, http://channel9.msdn.com/events/TechEd/Europe/2014/CDP-B240

Accord.Net Framework, http://accord-framework.net/

Accord.Net Framework Samples, https://github.com/accord-net/framework/wiki/Sample-applications

[#IOT] Glitter problems at home, Amazon #Dash and Azure #MachineLearning


A couple of days I was painting with my 5-year-old girl and we realized that we had been out of glitter. As a parent this is one of the moments more happy complicated ever. Glitter is something that girls love to use in their art work.


However, I discovered in the bad way that GLITTER is impossible to clean. If you slightly dropped a little and you try to use some cloth for cleaning, glitter is multiplied and increasingly everywhere. As always, someone see this as a problem, others finds here an opportunity. I find an online company, and they can send “glitter bombs” to your enemies, to basically ruin their day (or week). https://shipyourenemiesglitter.com/


Going back to my problem, at that time, it would been very useful to have active an Amazon Dash Button associated with glitter as a product. The idea of this button is very simple: you put a button associated with a product in your home. Once that product is about to end, you press the button and this product it is added automatically to your Amazon shopping list. Later you can close the transaction from your Smartphone or laptop, and you’ll have it the next day at home.

When this was presented a couple of weeks ago, I listened to all different types of opinions. As always, the “haters” with opinions like

Does that mean I’ll have my house full of “buttons”?; When I have to buy several things I have to do clicks all over my house? Get out … for me it is much more easy to make online purchase from my computer.

And the last statement was the answer to their problem: for this user profile is easier to make the purchase directly online. So far, no one forces them to use Dash Buttons.

In my case, after years of training I finally get to a point where my children can prepare their breakfast themselves. That means that they are looking for cereals, milk and cocoa; and while I try to not help them, they are responsible for their breakfast. But … this doesn’t avoid me to have a conversations like this one with Valentino (7 years old)

  1. Valentino: Bruno, no more cereals
  2. Bruno: No problem, today I’ll get more. Do you have enough for today?
  3. Valentino: No, we get our of cereals, yesterday morning
  4. Bruno: Yesterday? Next time, let me know before
  5. Valentino: Before what?
  6. Bruno: There is no more cereals
  7. Valentino: Ahh Ok. Bruno, no more grain
  8. Go To 1

The conversation can be quite surreal with a 7-year-old child, and I must have a very high level of patience to not spend my next 5 years in prison. Perhaps a Dash Button, can help me to make this type of situation more bearable. If my children can handle their own stock of “breakfast stuff”, then is an excellent time to distribute responsibilities.

In the case of Amazon Dash, they have also led him to a higher level with 2 interesting options.

In addition to the button, there is a smart scanner that allows you to do something similar: scan the barcode of the product you want to purchase. This allows a very agile and fast build of the shopping list, since you are looking for stuff already in your home, you don’t have to leave home.

Also, the Dash platform has a dedicated space for Makers. This means that you can add this “button” in your own devices or even extend the platform. This is where the ability to innovate in hardware becomes important, or you can also take advantage of the power of Azure Machine Learning. For example, you could work on this basis:

  • I have an experiment in Machine Learning that analyzes my purchases
  • There is another experiment dedicated to analyze weather for the next 7 days
  • These experiments have detected every 5 weeks (approximately) I have to refill my glitter “stock”
  • In addition, crossing this data, the experiments can predict that when there is bad weather, I used more glitter
  • This is normal, when there is bad weather we can get out, so is time for home activities
  • Another experiment can analyze the weather and because it will rain in the coming days and my stock of “glitter” is low, it can suggest or add this product into my shopping list

I personally think that these examples of IoT (Internet of Things), are what really make a smart home or a setting’s value.

Connect a temperature sensor to a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino is fine, connect all the points for something of value, but the aim to achieve.


Important: I can’t get away from my Scrum / Agile past, I always have to think to add value 😉

/El Bruno


Glitter Bombs, https://shipyourenemiesglitter.com/

Amazon Dash Button, https://www.amazon.com/oc/dash-button?ref_=B00Q3E4UBW

Amazon Dash for Makers, https://www.amazon.com/oc/dash-replenishment-service

Azure Machine Learning, http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/machine-learning/

Hardware is the future, with VisualStudio2013, https://elbruno.com/2014/05/24/opinion-hardware-is-the-future-with-visualstudio2013-of-course/

Internet of Things, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_of_Things

[#VS2015] #Unity5 y Visual Studio? Ohh yeah :D


As an early adopter, you probably upgraded all your projects to Unity 5 a couple of weeks ago. And after this amazing moment, you realized that you’ve lost all the nice integration with Visual Studio 😦

Now happy days are back! You can go back to enjoy your life because the latest version of Visual Studio Tools for Unity now support this versions !!!

Even if the version is in a BETA stage, it works fine, And have some nice features like break on exceptions. You can read more information in the official post below and also get the download links for VS2013 and VS2015.

Saludos @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudio/archive/2015/04/06/visual-studio-tools-for-unity-2-0-preview-2.aspx

[#HUMOR] #ToDo Lists, they usually ends like this one … :S


Yesterday I wrote about the importance on personal time management, with a ToDo list … sobre la importancia de saber auto gestionar nuestras tareas … But, I’m the first one to admit they usually ends like this one


Greetings @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/geekandpoke/2010/11/todoxls.html

[#ALM] The importance of your #ToDo list



This post is not going to be related to a development methodology or even to developers. If you’re a person who uses some method to organize your daily tasks, this is where I want to go now. I’ll try to describe my own experiences about how you can improve your time management approach, simply improving the way in which you manage your daily tasks.

There are people who are self-organized by nature (I envy them, because I tend to be a disaster); other people need to use a system which allows them to have control over what they do. And, this is important when you start to work with a personal system (I wrote about mine a couple of years ago) or some adaptation of GTD, you usually starts with items related to work, and then you start to add some personal items like collect school supplies for one of your kids, do not forget to run 10K, etc.

I’n not gonna write about a specific methods for managing ToDo lists, a simple Bing search can return almost 300000 resultsI will try to advise you to ask your colleagues about their method. And here you can learn a couple of things:

– One one hand, and as a general rule, people who have a well-defined system tend to be organized people. The system can be a paper-based system or someone with digital support. Post Its and notebooks are a great ally to manage tasks. These people also tend to have a very organized desk. Again, this applies to the physical desktop and the digital desktop.

-On the other hand, people who usually have a disorganized desk, lack of a good task management system. This is not true for 100% of this people however this profile of people are not usually very organized.

When I get to this point, it is time to ask yourself Why this is so important? Is very simple, people with a good management system can answer the following questions in a much more accurate way:

What are you doing right now? What remains in your ToDo list? What should you start next?

I try to see how each person manages their daily tasks and if I see a good idea, so I said it and I try to put it up for my own time management. Here I get 2 things that are that motivate me

– I try to learn something new (which is very important to me). Try new stuff and learn is fundamental to have a motivated and open mind

– Improved the way I work. Continuous improvement is something that I always try to do in my daily basis 😉

Greetings @ Burgos

/El Bruno

[#VS2015] No more Premium or Ultimate, now is #Enterprise!



I’m not yet in a position to write a post for the April’s fools day, but it will come. Today what is new is that model licenses and versions of Visual Studio will finally start to get more human with Visual Studio 2015.

The main change is that from now on, the main version name is Visual Studio Enterprise. The Ultimate and Premium versions are merged into a single version. Now there are only 3 versions, which can be summarized as follows

-Community, free and with support for AddIns

-Professional, all a Dev needs, and some little testing.

-Test, all a testing role needs

-Enterprise, everything you need is here

Comparative versions Visual Studio 2015 officer, can be seen in this link.

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

PS: If a ninja cat holding a Microsoft flag, riding a Unicorn that shoots fire through the nose, not excites you… This is not your day.

[#OPINION] My honest opinion about “meetings addicts”


I was reading this entry on Forbes “The Art and Science of Team Optimization” (link), and I remembered a talk we had a few days ago with a few coworkers about those people addicted to meetings.

I’m not a SME in biology , but if you want to identify them is very easy. The following characteristics tend to define this type of people

  • Meetings usually do not have no agenda, no topics at all
    • This point is what make meetings a surprise every time. The subject of the meeting is usually something like “Checkpoint”. This word is so open and ambiguous that it can give rise to anything. These meetings tend to finish taking unexpected directions and perhaps, you take more unplanned work that you thought that you could fall.
  • The addict organizes meetings of no less than 60 minutes
    • Any meeting which initially lasts less than an hour, is considered a casual encounter. A target official of these people is to ruin your day. That is, if they can stretch the meetings a bit more, stealing time from here and there, that will be a big day for them. I still do not have access to it, but I am convinced that there is a group in Yammer where these people share their small achievements.
  • Punctuality is optional
    • This is fundamental, relativity at its maximum power. What it appears to be a lack of respect for you (5 minutes late, for example), for this kind of people is normal. And, of course, it goes in the 2 parts of a meeting, at the beginning and at the end of a meeting.
  • They are always the same faces
    • This is another principle of biology, where the crowd like tend to gather. I’m not much attend meetings; moreover it gives me pleasure to reject them when I see that they will be unproductive. However, what they usually do is look the same and, or chance, there is always the same faces. It’s amazing, there are people who spend their day to be “in meeting time”

And of course, to complete the phrase that defines this species: “bored or you feel alone? “Hold a meeting!


Source: Internet (link)

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno

[#OPINION] Be ready for a #hackathon like you’ll do for a half marathon



Yesterday I ran the Madrid’s Half Marathon and now that spring is here, those 21K in Madrid are quite funny. In Avanade we have a Yammer group for runners, and in the past days before the race someone shared a list of 10 tips for the day of the race. (By the way, I already wrote about why must use Yammer, and forget about emails). Most of these are common sense ones, however they are quite applicable to the world of the development of the software, especially for a hackathon .


For example: “do not use any new stuff“. Is a very bad moment if you to decide to use a set of new sneakers, in the same new day that you are going to spend more than 90 minutes punishing your feet. Blisters, abrasions or even a bad choice of shoes may be the failure in a race. Similarly, when arriving at a hackathon, it is “nothing new in hardware or software” is always a good advice. This types of event usually are located for a short period of time so, there is no time for software or hardware errors. If for example, you decide to bring your new laptop, it is best that you go installing all the tools that you use in your day to day during the previous week.

Caution, there is a big difference between a race and a hackathon. On the 2nd we will learn as well as you create. So, for sure, you’ll know people who help you to learn new skills. So, you really want to lose 60 minutes reinstalling a stable version of a soft-you know, when you could take them to install a new IDE and also learn beside someone .


Another tip that you need to follow Yes or Yes, when you run is “rise time“. In addition to problems you can arrive late, or being anxious to upon arrival; Here the most valuable resource we have to take care of is time. It is advisable to eat about 3 hours before the race, that time is ideal to be able to assimilate the food well and take advantage of them in the race.

If we are going to the world hackathon, the comparison is simple and we can do it in questions of auto mode because of the style, really want to arrive late and Miss 1 hour in a 3 hour session? The previous day before the hackathon we recommend to leave prepared everything for the event. In the same way, properly plan trip to the event is something that is appreciated. (If, as in my case, you move with a variety of hardware in tow, planning is essential)

And during the holidays, I think that I’ll be here. Post could go much further, with comparisons related to training or the decision of what kind of task you will perform; but it’s time to add a couple of KMs more legs which, in a few days, there is another good competition.

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno