ENG [#VSONLINE] Rename Team Projects, Oh Yeaaahh, Finally! I can’t find the happiest word to describe this …


If you are a TFS user, for sure you will remember the exact moment in which after using a Team Project for a while, you came to the conclusion that the name was not correct. It was at that precise moment when you realize that you have 2 options

– Create a new Team Project with the correct name. Migrate between the 2 TPs all the Work Items, the source control history, the user and security settings, etc.

– Or… continue to work on the original TP and try not to fall into the temptation to look at the bad name.

As well, this to us has some hairs brought from 10 years ago, already has solution:

It is now possible to rename a Team Project in Team Foundation Server.

What we can see and test in Visual Studio Online. And having said that, I can only enjoy the weekend in peace…

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Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/willy-peter_schaub/archive/2015/04/25/from-vsts-2005-to-vso-rename-time-flies-when-you-are-having-fun.aspx

ENG [#CLION] #JetBrains new IDE for C/C++


I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how ReSharper for Visual Studio now supports C++, and now JetBrains team has just published a very nice IDE for your C/C++ projects. This new product name is CLion and is quite interesting.

On the home page of the product, are all the most important features, so take a look. Like every other JetBrains product, the licensing model is split in levels: enterprise level and individuals. With special offers for students, startups, etc.

When you start to use the product, you get the special feeling of a JetBrains products. In example, in the configuration of the working environment you find GIT, TFS, optional integration with TeamCity, etc.


Next step is try to import a project created with Visual Studio 2015.

In example, import a console app, in a Hello world mode, works nice. First you should select the files that you want to import


And in a few steps you will have your console application up and running on CLion.


I’ll spend a little more time this weekend to test the other features in the IDE. I will try to make some evolution of any app using CLion as main IDE.

Important: If you plan to continue using Visual Studio 2015 as main IDE for C++, be careful in this CLion installer options screen.


More information on the CLion blog and in the twitter account @clion_ide 

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Home: https://www.jetbrains.com/clion/features/

ENG [#VS2015] String Interpolation and #ReSharper, you must love it!


A few days ago I wrote a post about one of the new capabilities that we have thanks to Roslyn: [String.Format () vs String Interpolation]. As a final conclusion, if you want to share code with Visual Studio 2013, you should not use it.

However, today ReSharper encourages me to use the String Interpolation feature because is one of the options that we find in R# smart actions, convert String.Format() to String Interpolation.


Yesterday on twitter, someone told me that maybe this affected the clarity of the code. Well, in the following example a conversion of a String.Format there with more than 20 arguments, I think I prefer the end result

RS String Interpolation

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[#HOLOLENS] Updates on the #FAQ

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Quick post today because I’m without internet. Next week we will have plenty of interesting news related to HoloLensduring the //Build event.

However, it seems that a non scheduled publish action was run yesterday and now we can see some interesting details on the new HoloLens main page (link)

For example

-The core of this new programming model will be Holograms

All Universal Windows Apps support this Holograms model. If you read between lines you can understand that this will be part of Windows 10 for tablets, laptops and smart phones (holograms in Windows Phones)

Programming of holograms will surely be based on XAML for 2D and 3D models (something which I already mentioned here)

– The HPU name is still feels to my a science fiction name. However you must love the idea and features for the Holographic Processing.

-The interaction with the Holograms will be 100% natural: hand gestures and voice commands .

So that, the next week we will have new features more than interesting, meanwhile to continue waiting for 😀

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[#VS2015] String Interpolation vs String.Format (your team will love you)


I was trying to use Visual Studio 2015 as my main development IDE for a while. The new versions are more stable, so I use it more and more and I’ve not opened Visual Studio 2013 for a while.

One of the best features in VS2015 is Roslyn as main compiler for .Net. This opens a new world of possibilities for writing code in a more elegant way. One of these options is the ability to use String Interpolation instead of the classic String.Format () .

If anyone would not read the Wikipedia link or study a little, maybe it is best see the following lines of code

Note: if did not know it the ability to use String Interpolation was in the Top 10 of the most requested features to the new version of Visual Studio (link)

As the saying goes for taste colors. To my personally I like this format to work with Strings. And I believe that the recommendation of use is very clear…

Do not use String Interpolation if you are sharing code with a team where there are people who use Visual Studio 2013.

You can also find with wonders like this


Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


Roslyn, https://github.com/dotnet/roslyn

String Interpolation, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_interpolation

String Interpolation User Voice, http://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/121579-visual-studio/suggestions/2312991-string-interpolations-in-c

[#VS2015] Future integration with #Unity3D, #Unreal and #Cocos2D (anything else?)


Yesterday I said it in a forum for devs of Argentina: a large part of our work in the future will be based on the development for 3D environments. And then, on that premise, the clear starting point are creating games platforms.

In this case, it is more than evident that the Visual Studio Team is going in the right direction. After the success of the plugin for Unity (link), so now is time withstand Cocos2D and Unreal. If you don’t know these platforms, then here is some of the text from the original post:

  • Cocos2d supports web browsers and native platforms including OS X, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Unity supports 21 different platforms, including Xbox One, SteamOS, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, WebGL, Oculus Rift and GearVR.
  • Unreal Engine 4 enables developers to deploy projects across platforms including Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, SteamOS, HTML5 as well as Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

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Source : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/somasegar/archive/2015/04/17/visual-studio-for-game-development-new-partnerships-with-unity-unreal-engine-and-cocos2d.aspx

[#AZURE] Azure #MachineLearning free eBook


Today is a short post, now is time for some running series and my legs are not in the mood. A few days ago I wrote a post with some options to start with Machine Learning. One of the options was Azure Machine Learning.

Today I read that the our MSPress friends have released a free book on this topic,


The book covers the most important things for those who we are beginning to learn this amazing world. This is the chapter list:

  • Chapter 1, “Introduction to the science of data”
  • Chapter 2, “Getting started with Azure Machine Learning”
  • Chapter 3, “Using Azure ML Studio”
  • Chapter 4, “Creating Azure ML client and server applications”
  • Chapter 5, “Regression analytics”
  • Chapter 6, “Cluster analytics”
  • Chapter 7, “The Azure ML Matchbox recommender”
  • Chapter 8, “Retraining Azure ML models”

I jumped directly to the algorithms section (Chapter 2) and is quite well explained. It contains everyday samples and they are similar to what we can be found in our daily basis.

Then I jumped to Chapter 3, which is something I like a lot: a step by step tutorial on how to make a Hello world with AzureML. I liked: is simple and direct. A good tutorial that also relies on all the online material that is already available to learn more about AzureML.

Well, here I left it and I have study material for the next few days.

Saludos @ Home

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/microsoft_press/archive/2015/04/15/free-ebook-microsoft-azure-essentials-azure-machine-learning.aspx

[#VS2015] New features in Exception Settings (now as a panel!)


If you’re a fan of the keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio, the you now and use CTRL + ALT + E. This is a classic one when you are in debug mode. This shortcut will display the Exception settings where you can define the type of exceptions in wich Visual Studio must interrupt in a debugging session.


The truth is that I had never thought the advantages that might have this window if not be MODAL. Now Visual Studio 2015 offers us the possibility of having these options in a panel, a not MODAL one.


And in addition, this new panel brings other interesting options. For example, a toolbar with a filter for the exception type we are looking for


Also now is possible to show only selected for the thrown exceptions


And several more options I see that MSDN friends very well explained in this post.

Greetings @ La Finca

/El Bruno

[#ALM] Is your team too big?



For us, the developers, when we talk about the ideal size of a team, we always tend to think in the number 7. It may be because of the Scrum and agile methodologies influence, but it seems that 7 is a number that we all feel comfortable. Today April 15th, I strongly believe that 7 is the ideal size for a team.

However, in a team of this size we often don’t have all of the capabilities required to be able to bring forward a product that add real value. At some point, we will need to interact with some Subject Matter experts on a specific topic (technical or business), perhaps people from marketing, finance, etc. Although they are spontaneous interactions, from time to time, this type of interaction can become the arrival of a new member into the team.

And so without giving us, what started as a team of 7 people working on a project has become a group of 35 people with a very different dynamic. This change also involves the involuntary creation of processes to work. And we all know this is the path to the dark side: processes lead to bureaucracy, the bureaucracy tends to bore people, boring people are not productive, etc.

At Amazon they have a rule which is great

 “If you need more than 2 pizzas to feed a team, then the team is too big.”

This is known as the Two-Pizza team rule (link). It is at this point where you have to stop the progress of the project for a day and begin to check if there are points where you can improve. Surely, this will not be an easy or quick process, but it is necessary. One of the best examples I’ve read on this point is how the Visual Studio Team has adapted working his way to finish creating an agile culture at Microsoft (link)

So now you know, if when on a Thursday of beers you get to invite the team and have to ask more than 2 pizzas.Then, it is ideal to think if the team is not too large and what can be done to change the dynamics of the same.

Saludos @ La Finca

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PD: Source Image >> http://robertkaplinsky.com/work/giant-pizza/