[#IOT] Internet of Things: I probably add more contents in the #Connect event



A few days ago the event Connect() was presented online. In the event Microsoft turn the current dev direction 180º with new features like Net in Open Source mode, a version of Visual Studio Professional for free, now in Visual Studio 2015 are included out of the box features to create apps for Android and iOS (I still have not written about this), etc. In addition to all of this, there were news on Azure, new license models, etc. At the end the event let us happier than a dog with two tails.

This morning, while I was running with 3 ° C I ask myself the same question I always do against good news:

How could it be better?

And the answer came 3 kms after:

With a clear bet for Internet of Things

Clarification: if you don’t know that will IoT, then take a look at the trends that mark (link)

Nowadays, the Azure platform to work with connected devices is amazing. Scott Hanselman presented part of samples in Netduino (I think or maybe Arduino) which sent information in real-time to Azure for later analysis. The example was very well, although it is certainly a topic that could be more exploited.

If today we see the list of sessions, to make a filter for Internet of Things, we only see 2 sessions (link) and it’s a shame because Microsoft has an excellent collection of materials that had served for the event, for example

Machine Learning

If you don’t know what is Machine Learning, are already reading this post (link)

Internet of Things your

This is an excellent bet for Microsoft, which apparently not many know (link). This video makes it very clear the vision of Microsoft in this regard

New tools

In addition to all of the tools that we already know, today Azure has a number of tools only dedicated to the Internet of Things (link)

I am not going to give much more to the list of things that would have liked to see, because for example, now Intel is betting strong on its Galileo (who now goes by the V2 generation), Kickstarter always 8 or 9 of the 10 most popular projects are related to IoT or connected devices. These data talk about the great opportunity that would have been this event to further develop IoT of Microsoft platform 😀

Greetings @ Madrid

/El Bruno


[#VS2013] Visual Studio 2013 2013 Community, my opinion: is just the tip of the iceberg… ;)



When a developer working with a development platform, it is normal that you are interested the news related to this platform. After a while, it is easy to see and filter the correct sources of information which provides news that really are relevant on this platform.

The Microsoft Connect() event was 5 days ago, and now you can read about it with differents approach. For any MS developer, it is the very best of the best that happened in recent years. Not so for tools and news, but for the complete change of philosophy in Microsoft. What a few years ago began as “we are a service-oriented company” now is complemented by the best suite of development tools, service-oriented also.

And of course, these services may (or may not) be based on Microsoft technologies. So the new Visual Studio 2015 now provides support for development in Android native, is opened in Open Source mode > .net platform, and a great movement (service-oriented): a new flavor of Visual Studio named Community which is 100% free and has many similarities with the current professional version.

Until today, Microsoft free development tools were known as the Visual Studio Express family. It was not a single tool, for each platform or language there was a standalone version of Visual Studio Express. One of the main disadvantages of these versions, was that they were completely limited on its functionality. I.e., it was impossible to create extensions for them. Hence the use of them was limited and that they were not “popular”.

Visual Studio Community is a turn of 180 ° on this. In example, as a developer, with this version we will get:

-Support for C++ and .net compilers (C# and VB.Net of course)

-Editing and debugging code with all the advantages we already know Visual Studio. This implies nice additions as for example Code Analysis

-On other platforms development, it provides support for web apps, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. In addition to Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.

-Support for GIT (99% of happy people)

Although the main advantage that has the Community version is that it supports plugins! This means all available extensions in Visual Studio Gallery in a free IDE.

A simple exercise to make is to put together one of the best plug-ins for Visual Studio 2013 with this version

-Visual Studio 2013 Community, €0

-ReSharper, €143 (link)

And you got it, for less than the price of a decent Android or a low-cost Nokia phone, you’ll have the best of the best in a development environment.

If you want to know more details about this version, you can see it on their official website here (link).

Update: As well mentioned Jose Antonio in a comment, I have forgotten to mention that this version is free for independent Developers or teams up to 5 people in large organizations. Is also an exception if used in Open Source projects, more information here (link)

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[#NUGET] Package at Solutions level now can consolidate between projects and other interesting news for the new #NuGet release


I was talking to Victor a couple of days ago about how hard is to keep the NuGet packages updated in a big solution. In example, in a Visual Studio solution that’s been used for plenty of users, when he had to accommodate NuGet packages references. Although the packages dilema is not as complicated as DLL Hell in COM, it can probably give you enough problems when in a solution with multiple projects, versions of a package NuGet are different in each project.

The correct way to add NuGet packages in a solution is in the solution leve. Shortcut menu and voila, the NuGet options are there for the solution.


Among all the novelties of yesterday in the Connect event, NuGet friends also released some interesting news. One of them is “version consolidation“, which basically saves you having to accommodate the pkgs of each of the projects in a solution at hand. (according to David are 5 minutes away, for my 2 days, to Victor 5 hours)

Also in the full story tell us about the new modeless tab editor nuGet, the selector for versions, a list of actions to perform against conflicts, etc.

The truth is that having to wait until Visual Studio 2015, or the beta for VS2013 is a little bit of anxiety 😀

Greetings @ Amsterdam

The Bruno

Source: http://blog.nuget.org/20141112/nuget-3.0-preview.html#version-consolidation

[#NET] .Net and Mono are now Open Source ;)


Now that we’re in the Connect() is time to finally release some interesting news. When I found the news about .Net Core is released as Open Source (link), this also promotes a cross platform model for .net developments and it seemed a little strange. Next step was to go to Miguel de Icaza blogs to review his opinion, so a simple screen shot is good enough


Miguel’s post explains it very well, and how has been released .net Framework Libraries, .net Framework Core and the VM. The interesting thing is that in the end Miguel also explains how Xamarin, Mono and .Net will be integrated in the future into a single tool for development, which will be cross-platform 😀

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El Bruno @ Amsterdam




[#EVENT] Connect, amazing online event about vNext and Azure


If you are in Europe this Wednesday and Thursday and you get bored in the afternoon, I you to connect to the Connect() sessions. I’ll be travelling and working full time in Amsterdam, but the truth is that seeing the speakers think that I will download OffLine materials to then see the sessions at the airport or at the hotel 😉

Said, more information, registration and so on > > > http://www.visualstudio.com/connect-event-vs

Best regards

/El Bruno

[#ALM] #PairProgramming in transmitter / receiver


Pair Programming is very cool, and at some point you start to get addicted to this practice, kind of a 12-step program. In an early stage, it is usually difficult to have a with a good pace of work. However, in the next phase, the team start to realize that something like “this is amazing”; and from now on, the team only wants to work in a Pair Programming mode. Finally you end up realizing that there have to be a balance, in example: is good to maybe have 2 sessions of Pair Programming in a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. This gives time so then everyone in the team can have its own time for research, personal development time and play some online game.

A classic bad example of Pair Programming is when an Alpha developer and a Beta developer, are starting to work together. That’s it without have some clear rules. The Alpha programmer, as we all know is often very dominant. The Alpha Devs, impose his point of view, etc. (kind of a Punisher in dev mode). In a model of Pair Programming, this programmer has just taking over the control in the keyboard, writing all code, and refuting any suggestions or criticism received from the Beta dev. In the toher side, the Beta developer is more comfortable in a position where not falls on him (or her) much responsibility, so this living in this 2nd level is fine.

A solution for this type of scenario, is to work in Pair Programming, with a model “transmitter” and “receiver” (or “leader” and “key presser”). In this model, you can work in small time lapses, ie: 25 minutes (the Pomodoro TechniqueDuring this period of time, one of the developers will be responsible for coding and the other will be the one which tell what to do.

The “key presser” can not directly code based on what he thinks, but it must be the hands and fingers of the ‘leader’. This model is incredibly unproductive at first, however when it passes a time has a number of advantages

  • The fact of forcing that one code and the other leads, move to the team members improve their communication skills
  • The leader has to learn a quick and consistent way to communicate his ideas so that key presser can carry them out
  • The key presser, have to learn to listen (this seems obvious, however usually is very complicated)
  • When the leader explains his idea out and loud, it tends to be a great time to detect problems, bugs, etc.
  • On the other hand, the part listening also has voice and vote, can challenge an idea, collaborate with it, etc.

Depending on the size of the team, it is also important to do rotations in pairs that work. And not try to gather the most obvious profiles.

I encourage you to try this model and then tell me!

Best regards

/El Bruno


> Pair Programming, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_programming

> Punisher, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punisher

> Pomodoro Technique, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

> Picture, http://avengersalliance.wikia.com/wiki/Punisher/Dialogues

[#ONENOTE] #OneCalendar gives you a calendar view of your note (#Onetastic dudes are great !!!)


I use a lot OneNote. I’ve been using to store notes, ideas, blueprints, etc. all in OneNote. A nice evolution happened a couple of years ago, when we could also have a “portable” version of OneNote, I mean Windows Phone and Tablets with Windows 8, at this moment the number of pages increased considerably.

The search engine of OneNote is very powerful, however have a view showing the notes used for each specific day is a great idea. Here comes OneCalendar, which can basically show us something like this


The image is good enought, yes?

Best regards

/El Bruno

Home: http://omeratay.com/onetastic/?

Download: http://omeratay.com/onetastic/?r=download

[#SKYPE] HowTo: try Skype Translator? Link, register and go!

Night club


Do you remember Skype Translator? This amazing extension included in Skype that allows real time translations for people in a conversation where they can “talk” using different languages. Probably the best to explain it is to see a video 

The idea is great, I’m also close to this idea because we did something similar in Lync long time ago, although when it comes to Skype the scope will be greater 😀 (and we are left without market)

Registration: http://blogs.skype.com/2014/11/03/skype-translator-early-preview-sign-up-opens-today/

Greetings @ Barcelona

/El Bruno

Source: http://blogs.skype.com/2014/11/03/skype-translator-early-preview-sign-up-opens-today/

[#WINDOWS] HowTo: Create a virtual machine from a existing SO; check Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0


About to leave for Berlin, I find that a task that for years took almost a day is now completed in minutes… thanks to SSDs discs my fast and Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter 3.0

We also have a bonus which is the ability to convert VMWare images to images of Hyper-V.

Is fun this play to be one of infrastructure for a while 😀

Best regards

/El Bruno

Download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42497

[#WINDOWS10] HowTo: Add a Product Key in the trial of 10 windows


I’ve done an upgrade in my old Windows 8 Enterprise to Windows 10 Technical Preview. After this I get the annoying message asking me to activate Windows license. For me, everything should be allright, however the Product Key in my SO is my Windows 8’s one, so it is impossible to activate it in Windows 10.

01 02 03

The funny thing is that if you use the MSDN to access your Product Keys, when you access the Windows 10 detail, you will see that it has no Product Key associated.


That if, even though the message says “No product key is required” is placed in the “Details” section of the product.


Now you know, use this Product Key and ready, Windows 10 is activated…

Best regards

/El Bruno