#JetBrains – Rider 2017.1 released!. A new multi-platform IDE to create .Net Apps

Hi ! It seems that it was yesterday when JetBrains share the news that they were going to create a .Net IDE  (see References). If you use Visual Studio in any of its versions, you probably know ReSharper. Like every tool, he has his followers and his detractors, I'm in the 1st group. The native [...]


#JetBrains – Rider 2017.1 ha sido liberado. Un nuevo IDE multiplataforma para crear .Net Apps

Hola! Parece que fue ayer cuando JetBrains dio la noticia de que iban a crear un IDE para C# (ver References). Si utilizas Visual Studio en cualquiera de sus versiones, seguramente conoces a ReSharper. Como toda herramienta, tiene sus seguidores y sus detractores, yo estoy en el 1er grupo. La forma nativa en la R# [...]

ENG [#CLION] #JetBrains new IDE for C/C++

Hello! I wrote a post a couple of days ago about how ReSharper for Visual Studio now supports C++, and now JetBrains team has just published a very nice IDE for your C/C++ projects. This new product name is CLion and is quite interesting. On the home page of the product, are all the most important features, so take a look. [...]