#AI – Some news in Cognitive Services presented at #MSBuild 2018

Hi! Again, it's time to write about some topics what has most caught my attention in the news presented during Microsoft Build 2018. In this case I will only comment on some news related to Vision and Speech. Vision Computer Vision, now supports Object Detection. We have the ability to detect objects in an image. … Continue reading #AI – Some news in Cognitive Services presented at #MSBuild 2018


#AI – Algunas novedades en Cognitive Services presentadas en #MSBuild 2018

Buenas! Otra vez apunto el post a lo que mas me ha llamado la atención en las novedades presentadas en Microsoft Build 2018. En este caso solo comentare algunas novedades relacionadas a Vision y Speech. Vision Computer Vision, ahora soporta Object Detection. Tenemos la capacidad de detectar objetos en una imagen. Tengo que ver mas … Continue reading #AI – Algunas novedades en Cognitive Services presentadas en #MSBuild 2018

#Build – Project #Kinect for Azure

Hi! About 6 months ago I commented in a post the official "goodbye" of Microsoft Kinect. After many years working with this device, it was a very unpleasant feeling to have to put it aside. Well, today among the stack of new features that were presented in Microsoft Build, there is one that I have … Continue reading #Build – Project #Kinect for Azure

#Build – Project #Kinect for Azure

Buenas! Hace unos 6 meses comentaba en un post el “adiós” oficial de Microsoft Kinect. Después de muchos años trabajando con este device, era una sensación no muy agradable el tener que dejarlo de lado. Pues bien, hoy entre la pila de novedades que se presentaron en Microsoft Build, hay una que tengo que reseñar … Continue reading #Build – Project #Kinect for Azure