#PowerPoint – How cool is the Accessibility Checker? Powered by #AI, so a #MustDo for my next #MSIgnite sessions!

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I was reviewing my slides for Microsoft Slides, and I remembered that Melissa Hubbart (@melihubb) was tweeting about checking your slides previous to the event.

So, I decided to give it a try. And, it was my time to check what’s new with the Accessibility Feature in PowerPoint. There are several ways to use this feature. If you want to check the content of the current slide, in the Review menu, there is an option to check the current slide.

powerpoint accessibility checker menu

If you want to check the complete PowerPoint File, in the menu [File / Info / Inspect Presentation] there is an option named [Check Accessibility] to do this.

powerpoint check accesibility

Once the Accessibility Checker panel is open, we can review all the issues.

powerpoint accessibility checker results

There are organized by severity levels (errors, warning and tips). And we can find common scenarios like

  • Missing alternative text for images and shapes
  • Missing title slides

One cool feature here, when working with pictures, is that we can leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically describe de content of the pictures. In the following image we can see how it automatically recognizes my cat Goku lying on a bed.

powerpoint generate alt text automatically

So, you know, please check the Accessibility of your files and Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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#Twitter – #Accessibility in images in Twitter, 5 extra seconds will help a lot of people! @kastwey

Sunset in the Tuscany


So, the trip to Italy is done, and I have the best memories ever. I’ve spend some time with the Global Avanade Innovation Network, and it was amazing to see again my friends from all around the globe.

I was supposed to continue my series of posts on Face Recognition and Python. Remember, I was down from 5 FPS to 30 FPS with some minor tweaks. But I have in my notes a different post to write.

It all started when my friend Juanjo (@kastwey) kindly asked to everyone in twitter to describe the images we use in each tweet. Juanjo is blind, and he is an amazing developer. Every time I talk to him, he reminds me how we can do some little extra efforts and make his life more easier.

Sometime ago, I was used to share my code samples as images in my blog, and JuanJo shared how difficult was to him to read this code. My code is not very good, but you never know …

So, if you want to help people in Twitter who may not be able to see the graphics content you share, please follow the next steps. This is for Twitter for Android, I’m sure that the iOS app will be similar.

  • Open Settings in the Twitter App
Twitter Android Settings
  • Select [Accessibility]
Twitter Android Settings Accessibility options
  • Check [Compose image descriptions]
  • That’s it!

Now, every time you write a new tweet you will be prompted to add an image description for every photo / picture.

Remember, 5 seconds may help a lot of people!

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno